Case Study


Launching a Multiple-Device Photo-Sharing Ecosystem



"Pivotal helped build the framework for Linea as it exists today. Having both teams on the job and moving through test-driven development together really helped us get the software to a very stable place."

George Dy, Director, Post+Beam


Post+Beam wanted to launch a startup photo-sharing website and iOS app. They also wanted to build an in-house team that could manage and maintain the product post-launch.


Linea was conceived of as a slick solution to problems with photo sharing and storage– it creates an ecosystem for users’ photos that is accessible through multiple devices. When you save a shot to your iPhone that you want to share, someone in your circle can instantly access it from their iPad.

The platform we built to make this happen organizes users’ photos into a personalized mosaic and lets them create lines of photos, selectively add members to these lines and insert comments and captions to customize pictures however they like.

While we were co-creating this product, we also helped the Linea crew build a development team to sustain business growth after the engagement ended. We canvassed recruits and used our fine-tuned interview process to help Linea hired the right development team for their needs. Then we trained the newly hired staff.


Developed for the iPad, iPhone and Web, Linea completed a successful, on-time product launch. Linea’s team walked away agile-trained and familiar with the product, which made for a seamless handoff. Post+Beam staff on the project also received training and continue to practice agile development.