Case Study


MyRA Helps Patients Track and Share Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms



"Pivotal was able to take our vision and create something far beyondour expectations."

Sze-Ping Wong, Product Manager, Crescendo Bioscience


MyRA™ is an iOS app that enables patients to easily track their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and share an elegant summary report with their physicians.


Rheumatologists typically see patients every three to four months. Symptoms of RA can change on a weekly or even daily basis making it hard for patients to answer the simple question, “How are you doing?” While patients will typically recall how they’ve been over the past few days, Crescendo Bioscience wanted to enable them to create a summary report that visually depicts the changes in joint pain, morning stiffness, medication and other outcomes over time.


Crescendo Bioscience saw an urgent, unmet need in the RA community and conceived a mobile app that could fill it. They developed an app prototype to discuss the idea with physicians and patients, but it was a first foray into mobile app development for the health care and life sciences company. To build out their vision to its fullest, they sought out Pivotal Labs for design and programming expertise.

Our designers played a crucial role in ensuring the product’s success, balancing focus on patient outcomes versus clinical ones andmaking the app compelling to use and relevant to people’s daily lives.

The design is highly visual and approachable. We developed a character, MyRA, to make the experience less clinical while helping patients identify specific problems. Using a heat mapping technique, we called out trouble spots on MyRA’s limbs and trunk with colored dots. As a patient taps the dot corresponding to his or her discomfort, it increases in size to record a prolonged episode of pain. Since no one likes to spend time “tracking their disease,” we designed these functions to become second nature.


MyRA™ is an iOS app that enables patients to easily track their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms and share with their physicians. Informed patients feel more empowered and are better equipped to communicate with doctors during appointments and to participate actively in the management of their disease. One of the goals of MyRA is to empower patients so they can partner with their physicians to better manage their RA and ultimately get better outcomes.

By allowing patients to track their RA in multiple dimensions and bring it all together in a way no other tool does, MyRA empowers RA patients and serves as a powerful tool in the management of RA.