Case Study


AccuWeather is a weather authority that provides local forecasts for over two million locations worldwide



"We needed an app experience that our customers would want to have every day. Pivotal Labs brought this vision to life with an app that hit #1 in BlackBerry World. BB10 apps are meant to be integrated, social, and beautiful. Pivotal Labs really gets this. And, they know how to create a mobile strategy with a profitable outcome."

Pascal Racheneur, Sports Business Daily


The AccuWeather app is designed to detect granular changes in region, which means that it can adjust to even the most specific changes in weather and location.

In order to differentiate AccuWeather from the dozens of other weather apps, our design team created over 40 different animations to cover a huge variety of weather conditions. These weather conditions are updated hourly.


AccuWeather had previously worked with us to create their original BlackBerry app. They returned to Pivotal Labs in order to prepare the BB10 variant for BlackBerry’s BB10 launch. Naturally, they wanted an app that remained delightful to the user while retaining the simplicity of its original app.

We had only a few weeks to build a fully-functional app with all the trimmings on the new BB10 platform. Our engineering team worked tirelessly to ship AccuWeather in this tight timeframe. They launched the final version of the AccuWeather app in 4.5 weeks.


At BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013, BlackBerry executives Alec Saunders and Vivek Bhardwaj introduced the Q10 phone with BB10 AccuWeather and complimented its integration. The two BlackBerry executives also remarked that AccuWeather is “a great example of how beautiful applications can look.”

In addition to the attention and critical acclaim from BlackBerry, AccuWeather was named a “Top Free App” in BlackBerry World, with a 4.5/5 star rating.