Build mobile apps that engage your users

Platform-as-a-service software, mobile backend microservices and agile development services to help you build mobile fast and captivating apps.

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Release apps quicker and more often with infrastructure you can control, scale and integrate

The best-rated mobile apps are updated frequently, reflect the latest smartphone and mobile OS features and scale without the complications of deploying, configuring and upgrading additional resources. Pivotal Cloud Foundry's Platform-as-a-Service aligns development and operations teams to shorten the time to release with continuous integration, delivery and automated deployment.

Reduce complexity and delays for your mobile app releases

Simplify server-side environmental and configuration differences while still supporting multiple languages and frameworks on the same platform.

Automate resource provisioning for high-volume mobile usage

Meet mobile users’ “always on” behavior with automated horizontal scaling and load balancing.

Monitor the health and analyze the performance of your mobile app

Improve mobile user experience and app performance with health monitoring, machine metrics and aggregated log stream.

Streamline app development with reusable mobile backend components

Use integrated mobile middleware services for push notifications, API aggregation and data security.

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Build consumer-scale apps with enterprise-grade control

Deliver the best experience while addressing security, data privacy and scalability concerns. Mobile Services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry allow you to leverage scalable API management, datastore interfaces and notifications services across several mobile applications.

Build faster, more responsive mobile apps

Transform and aggregate legacy backend APIs into mobile-friendly endpoints that are optimized for devices with limited battery lives and varying screen sizes, connecting over high-latency mobile networks.

Securely store mobile data

Simplify data access for mobile apps by providing a RESTful data access API to sync data between a mobile device and backend database, in a secure manner, authenticating via Oauth2, Spring Security and OpenID Connect.

Improve user engagement and double mobile app retention rates

Send push notifications in a timely manner using a distributed architecture, with comprehensive logging and tracing.

Share and test developer versions of mobile apps

Support mobile testing best practices with streamlined build release management that handles device registration, user and group management, distribution of apps, notification of new available app versions and more.

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Jump-start your mobile app development with expert design and agile development co-innovators

Developing for mobile requires different skills, an agile development approach and QA automation. Working with Pivotal Labs accelerates mobile development projects, improves application quality with the use of proven best practices and augments internal developer skills with knowledge transfer and co-development.

  • Launch rapidly and use customer feedback

    Use successive cycles of small, focused products and get them into the hands of customers as quickly as possible to see what works.

  • Access and develop mobile engineering talent

    Pair with expert mobile app engineers to meet the need for rapid time-to-market, while building your internal talent.

  • Design for mobile user experience

    Engage designers experienced in building for smaller screens and different user interactions.

  • Leverage QA automation systems and scale

    Save time and money with an automated testing system across over 1,300 devices to augment manual testing processes.

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"Pivotal Labs’ UX and design work on our tablet app was so good that we redesigned our entire desktop experience to match their tablet work."

Ron Rasmussen

VP Engineering