Dogpatch Labs
The CHQ Building
Dublin Docklands

About this Office

Located in the historic CHQ Building in Dublin's Docklands, it was an obvious choice to land in Dogpatch Labs, a coworking hub at the center of Dublin's Startup Scene. We're in good company in the Docklands with Silicon Valley staples such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and many, many others.

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Ian Huston
Director, Labs


  • 11/23

RSVP only through Eventbrite. On November 23rd we're running a special event on product development practices in...

  • 11/30

Our monthly meetup series continues. Come share a beer and some pizza with us and hear from our engineers, product...

  • 12/04 - 12/07   San Francisco

SpringOne Platform brings together a unique community of open source and enterprise developers, operators, and business...