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Pivotal Function Service

Serverless Programming—On Any Cloud

Pivotal Function Service (PFS) is coming soon.
Please contact us for early access.

Execute Functions in Response to Events

Save time by adding functions to your architecture. Use Pivotal Function Service (PFS) to handle actions including web events, event-based integration, and large scale streaming data.

Trigger Functions via HTTP/Message Broker

With PFS, you can quickly set up functions for a variety of events. PFS is architected to support pub/sub message delivery over messaging channels.

Run Functions Anywhere

PFS lets you easily run functions on-premises and in the public cloud for maximum flexibility.

Built on Knative

PFS is built on Knative, an open-source project led by Google. Knative simplifies how developers deploy functions atop Kubernetes and Istio.


Pluggable Build System

PFS features a source-to-container mechanism to simplify deployment. Use proven components like Cloud Foundry Buildpacks.

Pluggable Event Sources

PFS Event Sources facilitate the creation of Feeds from a variety of external event sources such GitHub webhooks, blob stores, and database services.

Pluggable Event Brokers

PFS can be connected easily with popular message brokers such as Kafka, Google Pub/Sub, and RabbitMQ. These provide a reliable backing services for messaging channels.

Pluggable Invokers

Pivotal will continue to develop the riff invoker model in PFS, enabling developers to deliver both streaming and non-streaming function code using simple, language-idiomatic interfaces.

Scale with Events

Autoscale from 0 to 1, from 1 to N instances, then back down to zero instances.

Runs on Kubernetes and Istio

PFS helps you realize the benefits of Kubernetes and Istio, even as it abstracts away the complexity of both technologies.

Use Modern DevOps Workflows with Functions

PFS allows you to use familiar, container-based workflows for serverless scenarios.


PFS supports the authoring of functions in your chosen framework - Node.js, Spring/Java, Go, Python, and Shell.

Fully Supported

PFS will soon be commercially available, supported as part of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

활용 사례
Web Events

Website back-end services (e.g., form post handlers, authentication, tracking, and logging)

APIs to back-end data services for mobile and web apps (e.g., GraphQL)

Webhook handlers

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation

Chat integrations

Digital assistant services (e.g., Alexa skills)

Event-Based Integration

Scheduled tasks, data integration

File processing (e.g., images and videos)

Security scanning

Complex event processing and change data capture (e.g., monitoring, notifications, and alerting)

Custom authorization (e.g., via API gateway)

Large-Scale Streaming Data

Bulk processing

IoT streams

Log ingestion

Machine learning

Stateful stream processing

A Unified Platform to Run Your Entire Business

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is engineered to deliver a single software platform to run an entire enterprise—capable of scaling to support hundreds of IT teams and thousands of applications.

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