Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab for Application Architects (Java)

Experience best practices building cloud-native applications in a hands-on setting with Pivotal educators and consultants. The program is focused on enabling customers and partners through “doing it” rather than “talking about it”.

The PAL teaches developers and architects how to build and architect cloud-native software and covers the following topics; Pivotal Cloud Foundry, greenfield cloud-native development, end state reference architectures, replatforming, modernization.

Who should attend

  • Developers and Lead Developers


  • Experience building and deploying modern software; i.e. TDD, CI/CD, and Refactoring. Familiarity with design patterns, domain driven design, component based architecture, and evolutionary architecture.
  • Experience developing apps using: Java 6 and above, Java Enterprise Edition, Java / Spring.

What you'll learn

At the end of the training, students will have been exposed to and worked with:

  • Understand what Cloud Foundry is, and how it runs apps.
  • Learn about key app-centric Cloud Foundry constructs: app, manifest, buildpack, service instance, binding, domain, route, environment variables.
  • Experience common impediments to running an app on Cloud Foundry, and overcome them.
  • Learn how to identify, codify, and make use of reusable patterns for building applications. Understand distributed system development / architectures.
  • Learn how to evolve monolithic apps (i.e. understand when and how to break out microservices from the monolith).

Instructor-led, classroom only.
This class may be taken at a Pivotal facility, online, or on-site for customers who prefer to bring a Pivotal Certified Instructor to their own facilities.


Three weeks

Training brief

Upcoming sessions

2019년06월10일 - Boulder
2019년06월24일 - Shanghai
2019년07월08일 - London
2019년08월05일 - Boulder
2019년10월14일 - London


Private sessions

Private onsite training provides a flexible training solution without the time and expense associated with traveling.

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