The World’s First Open-Source, Multi-Cloud Data Platform Built for Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics meets traditional business intelligence with Pivotal Greenplum, the world’s first fully-featured, multi-cloud, massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform based on the open source Greenplum Database. Pivotal Greenplum provides comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data. Powered by one of the world’s most advanced cost-based query optimizers, Pivotal Greenplum delivers unmatched analytical query performance on massive volumes of data.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Run Analytics Anywhere You Need Them

Greenplum provides your enterprise with flexibility and choice because it can be deployed on all major public and private cloud platforms and on-premises in data centers.

Integrated Analytics

Deploy One Platform for All Your Analytics Needs

Greenplum eliminates analytics silos by providing you with a single, scale-out environment for next-generation advanced analytics as well as traditional workloads.

Industry-Leading Performance

Support Your Biggest and Most Complex Workloads

With its unique cost-based query optimizer designed for large-scale data workloads, Greenplum scales interactive and batch-mode analytics to large datasets in the petabytes without degrading query performance and throughput.

Open-Source Innovation

Benefit from Innovations Developed by Solid Open Source Communities

Pivotal Greenplum is based on PostgreSQL and Greenplum Database, providing users with more control over of the software they deploy, reducing vendor lock-in, and allowing open influence on product direction.

“Whatever use case we can dream up and whatever ways we can think of to better understand the user, Greenplum allows us to do it.”

John Conley, Vice President of Data Warehousing, Conversant

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Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Simplify your journey to better analytics by deploying a single platform for all of your analytical workloads from early data science experimentation to the operationalization of large analytical models—all in a massively scalable, highly concurrent environment.

Enable your data scientists and analysts to use the most popular analytical libraries in machine learning, geospatial, or graph to solve complex data problems in areas such as cybersecurity, IoT, risk management, fraud management, and others.

Flexible Migration to Multi-Cloud Environments

Move your analytics workloads to the cloud platform of your choice under the terms and in the timeframes you choose.

Instantiate and shut down new projects in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or private clouds. Have the freedom to select the best cloud platform for each project and workload based on ease of use, performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO). Be empowered to run analytics anywhere you need, when you need them, with a truly multi-cloud platform that is the same software in every environment.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization and Replatforming

Replatform legacy enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) to replace expensive, rigid, on-premises databases with powerful, efficient, and cost-effective cloud databases.

Modernize with the only open source-based, multi-cloud platform for analytics—better than EDWs—offering the full range of data warehouse functionality that your enterprise demands. Gain the power of an MPP system in conjunction with proven technology to reduce the cost and complexity of application migration.

Next-Generation Data Platform

White Paper
Pivotal Greenplum 5: The Next-Generation Data Platform

With Pivotal Greenplum, you get flexible deployment options, powerful SQL and programmatic analytics libraries, and seamless integration with different data sources/pipelines in a robust data platform designed for the highest performance and the lowest TCO.

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Data Warehousing with Greenplum: Open Source Massively Parallel Data Analytics

Explore the Greenplum approach to data analytics and data-driven decisions, beginning with Greenplum’s shared-nothing architecture and then moving on to data organization and storage, data loading, running queries, as well as performing analytics in the database.

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Multi-Cloud and On-Premises Flexible Deployment

Powerful, infrastructure-agnostic, 100% software platform able to run anywhere you need it

Runs on leading public clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and Hourly offerings

Runs on private clouds: VMware vSphere and OpenStack

Runs on-premises (with dedicated hardware): Dell EMC Blueprints, HP and Cisco certified configurations, and customer-supplied hardware

Integrated Analytics

Advanced and traditional analytics in one scale-out and rich SQL analytical platform

Out-of-the box, in-database algorithms to deliver new analytical models

Support for Apache MADlib, a library of massively parallel in-database, machine learning, graph, and statistical algorithms

GeoSpatial analytics based on open source PostGIS

Text analytics based on Solr with Greenplum’s GPText feature

Extensive support for R and Python analytical libraries

Support for Spark with Greenplum-Spark Connector

Massively Parallel, Highly Concurrent Architecture

Shared-nothing architecture that automates parallel processing of data and queries

Petabyte-scale, parallel loading—based on MPP Scatter/Gather Streaming technology

Robust and open source, cost-based query optimizer (GPORCA) developed specifically to address advanced analytics, creating query plans that execute complex joins at breakthrough performance on large data volumes

World-class Workload Manager (WLM) to monitor and manage queries and resource queues

Storage and Analytical Processing Flexibility

Polymorphic Data Storage, processing, and industry-leading compression delivers optimal performance and storage efficiency

Flexible partitioning of tables at multiple levels

Optimized for batch jobs with high volume, interactive jobs with low latency, and trickle micro-batch jobs with high throughput

Extensibility framework for custom analytics and database functions

Seamless Integration with Cloud Data Repositories and Data Lakes

External tables that provide access to data stored in data sources outside of Pivotal Greenplum as if the data were stored in regular database tables (data can be read from or written to external tables)

Readable or writable Amazon S3 external table as Amazon S3 external table is a Greenplum Database table backed with data that resides outside on Amazon S3

External tables with heterogeneous Hadoop environments

Offers comprehensive SQL support with online analytical processing (OLAP) extensions

Integrates with in-memory data grid and object store to post process structured data

Rich Set of Availability and Business Continuity Features

Supports business continuity features such as high availability, intelligent fault detection, and fast online differential recovery, as well as full and incremental backup and disaster recovery

Robust set of security and authentication features address enterprise policy and regulatory requirements

Servers can be added while the database remains online and fully available

Performance monitoring framework supports separation of hardware and software issues

Greenplum Command Center provides a unified framework for monitoring, administration, and workload management

Based on Open Source Projects

Only major data analytics platform that is 100% in alignment with open source PostgreSQL and the Greenplum Database open source project

All major Pivotal Greenplum contributions are part of the Greenplum Database project and share the same database core, including the MPP architecture, all analytical interfaces, and security capabilities

All innovations are available on the community site

Get Started with Greenplum

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