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At Pivotal, our mission is to transform how people build software. Central to that is being great at working with data. Whether managing data, analyzing it or connecting it with applications, the Data Suite contains tools that can help you accelerate your digital transformation.

Manage your data with speed, scale and transparency

Discover deep insights in your data that can transform your business

Connect your data to people through applications

Proven database technology

Pivotal Data Suite provides the flexibility to choose and adopt proven, open source, scale-out databases, including: Pivotal Greenplum, our enterprise data warehouse system; Pivotal GemFire, our scale-out, in-memory data grid that gives you a means of connecting your demanding, web-scale applications with your data infrastructure; and more

Open source

At Pivotal, we feel that open source is key to building great software. Simply put, open source provides the flexibility, transparency and momentum that can be key to accelerating adoption of a new technology. These deeply held beliefs are why we made the decision to open source our Data Suite.

Simple, flexible licensing

Your requirements, aspirations and business are going to change over time and our experience is that our licensing model helps you to reduce risk. Available in a simple subscription license, Pivotal Data Suite provides you access and support to the commercial offerings of our open source database products. Priced by the core, with Pivotal Data Suite you can mix use of different products in the portfolio as your requirements evolve.

Insights to Action: How to Transform Your Business with Smart Applications

Pivotal is a partner for enterprises who want to build the new future.


Agile Data를 위한 포괄적인 포트폴리오

Pivotal Data Suite는 agile data를 처리할 수 있도록 광범위한 기반 기술을 제공합니다. Pivotal Data Suite는 PaaS 기술의 일부로 구축될 수 있고 고객의 운영 환경 내부 또는 퍼블릭 클라우드, 가상화 환경 또는 상용 하드웨어에 구축되거나 어플라이언스로 제공될 수 있습니다.

오픈 소스 기반

Pivotal Data Suite 포트폴리오는 Hadoop의 ODP(Open Data Platform) 버전의 배포판과 호환됩니다. 모든 구성 요소는 오픈 소스 프로젝트의 배포판이거나 오픈 소스 프로젝트에 참여하기 위해 준비 중입니다.

유연한 라이센스 등록 지원

Pivotal Data Suite는 Pivotal의 빅데이터 제품 포트폴리오를 대상으로 등록할 수 있는 1~3년의 서비스입니다. 코어를 기반으로 라이센스가 부여되며 원하는 구축 용량을 선택할 수 있습니다. 서비스 이용을 계속하려는 경우 코어를 여러 제품에 걸쳐 할당할 수 있습니다.

Become Great at Working with Data

Use the complete Pivotal platform for developing and deploying innovative applications. Develop and deploy apps at scale with Pivotal Data Suite. Capture all relevant data with an elastic data infrastructure and perform deep analytics with powerful data science.

데이터 인프라스트럭처의

You need a modern data architecture to score data in real time, while training deep machine learning algorithms on large data sets. Pivotal’s data engineering services can help you adopt a modern data architecture. With Pivotal Data Suite, you can scale out data processing on-premise or in the cloud and ingest data sets for batch and stream processing.

고급 분석을 활용하여
더 심층적인 통찰력 확보

Through our Data Science Labs, Pivotal’s data science team can help accelerate skill development and kick-start your ability to deliver immediate value to the business. With Pivotal Data Suite, you can deploy advanced analytics databases and query engines that support data science. The Hadoop-native SQL and scale-out data warehouses in Pivotal Data Suite support machine learning libraries and perform complex SQL queries at high speed.

운영 규모에 맞추어 혁신적인
데이터 기반 애플리케이션 구축

At Pivotal, we think it’s important to connect your data to people and things through applications that perform well. With the Data Suite you can serve high-speed data insights to high volume, distributed user populations while maintaining data consistency. Pivotal Data Suite includes a real time, scale-out in-memory database for high performance applications.


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