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Relevance Lab

Relevance Lab delivers solutions powered by intellectual property for DevOps/Automation, ITSM, Cloud Engineering and Big Data. Our product, RLCatalyst, helps customers speed up their DevOps adoption and automation efforts.

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Strategic Relationship

Relevance Lab has partnered with Pivotal to assist enterprises in transforming their DevOps and Cloud Engineering with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, enabling faster velocity, better quality and optimised spend.

Partner Solutions

RL Catalyst – helps you cruise on your DevOps journey. It provides a single console for all your DevOps best practices to integrate & leverage your existing technology investment into Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery pipelines. IT Development or IT Ops, RL Catalyst lets you steer your DevOps rapidly and efficiently on the cloud – no fuss, no stress, just cruise control. RL Catalyst includes components like BOT Factory, BOT Library and BOT Orchestrator for complete life cycle management of software BOTs for automation in service deliveries. It enables automation in traditional IT Service Operations encompassing Infrastructure, Applications and Service Delivery tasks. It works with the infrastructure you have already invested in.

Partner Type:

System Integrator

Markets Served:

North America

Product Focus:

Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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