SBI Securities

Achieving Significant ROI with Improved
Performance and Scalability

"When we first chose to partition our existing system, we knew the costs would increase significantly. As we chose Pivotal GemFire, we knew some code had to change, but the overall, bottom-line cost structure went down significantly for capital and operating expenses."

Yozo Ito, General Manager, Hitachi Ltd
사례 연구
SBI Securities
당면 과제
  • Existing three-tier, RDBMS-driven online trading system faced performance problems
  • Initial solution to duplicate and partition the system drove up costs
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction remained high through system scale and account growth
  • Pivotal GemFire
주요 이점
  • Provided lower latency under load than traditional databases
  • Reduced costs, complexity and risk
  • Scaled the data tier