쿼리 성능을 800% 개선하여 40억 개의 비디오를 지원하도록 운영 환경 확장

"We chose Redis because it was simple to set up, had great documentation, offered replication and allowed us to use data structures. Data structures are extremely powerful and allow us to architect solutions to many use cases very efficiently."

Andres Rangel, Senior Software Engineer, Hulu
사례 연구
당면 과제
  • MySQL overwhelmed by the volume of writes
  • Memcached could not be replicated across datacenters to distribute load
  • Latency on queries with degrading performance
  • No high-availability strategy
  • Redis
주요 이점
  • Accelerated writing and retrieval of information with 800% performance improvement for queries
  • Replication across datacenters
  • Capacity to handle at least 10,000 queries per second with low latency
  • Open management APIs allow for high availability
  • Ability to use data structures for flexible and efficient queries