Building Blocks that Simplify How You Deploy and Run Functions atop Kubernetes and Istio. On Any Cloud.

Knative is a new open source project started by engineers from Google, Pivotal, and other industry leaders. It’s a collection of components that extend Kubernetes. It includes three major parts: Serving, Build, and Eventing.


Serving is a scale-to-zero, request-driven compute runtime which leverages Istio to route traffic amongst revisions. The goal of Serving is to provide Kubernetes extensions for deploying and running serverless workloads.


Build provides a pluggable model for building containers from source code. It’s based on Google's container builder service. Buildpacks are one style of builds that could be plugged into this model.


Eventing provides building blocks for consuming and producing events that adhere to the CloudEvents specification. It includes abstractions for feeds from event sources, and decoupled delivery through messaging channels backed by pluggable pub/sub broker services.

"Pivotal has been instrumental in the design and delivery of Knative. Pivotal's deep understanding of enterprise customers influenced the direction of Knative, and their hands-on technical contributions have meaningful impact. We appreciate this partnership, and are excited that Pivotal plans on commercializing Knative components on Kubernetes with their Pivotal Function Service product.”

DeWitt Clinton, Google Cloud

Trigger Functions via HTTP or Message Broker

With Knative, you can quickly set up functions for a variety of events. The project is architected to support pub/sub message delivery over messaging channels.

Runs on Kubernetes and Istio

Knative uses Kubernetes as its base container orchestration layer. Istio manages the network routing inside the cluster, and the ingress into the cluster.

Knative is Multi-Cloud

Run functions atop Knative in the public cloud or in your data center.

Introduction to Knative

Pluggable Build System
Knative features a source-to-container mechanism to simplify deployment. Use proven components like Cloud Foundry Buildpacks.

Pluggable Event Sources
Knative Event Sources facilitate the creation of Feeds from a variety of external event sources such as GitHub webhooks, blob stores, and database services.

Pluggable Event Brokers
Knative can be connected easily with popular message brokers such as Kafka and Google Pub/Sub. These provide a reliable backing services for messaging channels.

Pluggable Invokers
Pivotal will continue to develop the riff invoker model in Knative, enabling developers to deliver both streaming and non-streaming function code using simple, language-idiomatic interfaces.

Scale with Events
Autoscale from 0 to 1, from 1 to N instances, then back down to zero instances.

Open Source
Contributors wanted! We’re excited about Knative, and will continue to improve the project in conjunction with the broader Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry communities. Join us!

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