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We know delivering software solutions at the speed of light is hard. So when something you’ve built with our technology isn’t working as desired, we’re committed to helping you fix it. Interact with our community. Talk to our experts. Pivotal Support will get you back to the business of serving your customers.

“I've dealt with many support organizations... This support has been by far one of the best experiences. A model for the rest.”

Pivotal client at Charles Schwab

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Engage Directly with Pivotal Experts

As businesses change the way they deliver software, their support needs change, as well. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality services across the following Pivotal Support offerings:

Premium Support
Business Critical Support
Special Handling Support
Developer Support
On Demand Support


Get Business Critical Support

Engage designated support engineers from Pivotal’s Business Critical Support (BCS) service to work side by side with your in-house team. Together, they will help you consistently realize the expected business value. Here's what you get with this subscription-fee service:

Personalized and timely incident resolution
Direct access to subject-matter experts for rapid response to implementation issues and questions
Insights into product and new feature delivery roadmaps
Service trending and Root Cause Analysis
And more...

“Our designated support engineers listen to our customers, address their challenges, and follow up until issues are successfully resolved—all of which increases the value Pivotal provides.”

John Grosshandler, Pivotal