Pivotal + VMware: Transforming how more of the world builds software

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Solutions

To innovate rapidly and deliver more value to customers, organizations are adopting digital strategies. Being a modern, software-led company means that you’re able to quickly build and run your applications on any cloud. To deliver on this promise, IT organizations need a cutting-edge platform and must adopt modern delivery practices, changing the way they work across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

We do this together

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry Solutions (PCFS) team is comprised of proven industry experts who apply modern approaches and disciplines that will change the way your platform team operates. PCFS accelerates your success with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) by pairing our experts with your team to plan, implement, customize, operate, and scale the platform. Our approach is vastly different: we don’t do the work for you—we pair with your team and work side by side.

Our Core Practices

What makes us different? These core practices are woven into all PCFS engagements:

Treat the platform as a product.

By treating the platform as a product, the product is never “done,” evolving to meet user and business needs.

Create a dedicated platform team.

You need a small, empowered, permanent, and balanced team that develops and operates the platform product.

Define a new path to production.

Identify the first set of applications that all stakeholders agree will go onto the platform. Eventually, you make progress towards apps with larger sets of requirements.

Our balanced team is made up of members from Engineering and Operations. For the Operations people, there was a lot of ceremonies that we were not used to, but since the Platform Dojo, we have fully adopted these ceremonies and now really question how we worked before.”
Sr Manager, Platform Operations at Online Marketplace

Our Services

Our PCFS team teaches you how to implement and continue modern practices on the platform. Here’s what’s in our portfolio of services:

Platform Dojo

We pair with your platform team to launch and evolve a production platform, while transforming the way you work with Site Reliability Engineering using Pivotal’s proven engineering and product management practices.

Platform Health Check

We perform a 360-degree assessment of your platform health, ensuring that the dedicated people in your platform team and the PCF technology can provide mission-critical services to your customers.

Designated Support Engineer

A PCF Designated Support Engineer provides remote business-critical support, including technical support (i.e., senior-level technical expertise to resolve PCF product-related issues and review bug fixes) and product guidance.

Your Platform Journey

The team used to take seven months and 72 steps to release new code. Now they’re fixing bugs same-day with zero downtime. The Platform Dojo provided a place to practice shared responsibility, which made it real.”

Melissa Chapman, T-Mobile

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Pivotal Platform Solutions: Why You Should Treat Platform as a Product

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