The Easy Way to Provide Enterprise-Ready MySQL to Your Developers

Compatible with PAS, PKS

Compatible with PAS
Can be consumed by apps on PAS

Compatible with PKS
Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Compatible with Standalone PKS
Runs on PKS with no dependency on PAS

MySQL for Pivotal Platform provides a relational database-as-a-service for developers that is fully compatible with MySQL. Developers get self-service access to a database, designed to fit today’s automated developer workflows. Operators can enjoy the automation and sophisticated integration of the service into Pivotal Platform.

Provide Self-Service Access to Developers

Developers can spawn dedicated on-demand instances of MySQL for new and replatformed applications without operator intervention. The service works the same in any cloud.

Automate Database Operations in Developer Workflows

Automated provisioning supports database testing and deployment in stateless, continuous integration and delivery pipelines such as Concourse.

Support Entire Cloud-Native Developer Organizations

Take advantage of significant automation for operator and developer lifecycles. Install, manage, monitor, and update MySQL in Pivotal Platform. Ensure deployments meet enterprise requirements.

Percona Serverの概要

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. It is a relational database based on Structured Query Language (SQL) and is used in a wide variety of applications. MySQL for Pivotal Platform provisions databases based on Percona Server—a backwards-compatible replacement for MySQL® 5.7. Percona Server aims to retain close compatibility to the official MySQL releases, while providing superior performance and increased visibility into server operations.

Percona Serverの詳細


Create and destroy service instances on demand as required.

Automate periodic backups and allow for restoring from a backup if needed.

Operators can customize service plan definitions to support internal chargeback packages and enforce resource constraints.

Plan migrations. Developers can resize deployments by changing their service plans as needed and resource requirements change.

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.

Encryption in motion. Data transmitted between app and service are encrypted when service is deployed in IPSEC-configured environment.

Get visibility into details of service operation through standard monitoring and logging tools for products and Pivotal Platform. Receive alerts about detected problems faster problem resolution.

Quotas. Operators can place limits on service instance counts.

Uses smoketests to automatically verify that basic functionality is live during instantiation.


Operators download the service and install on their Pivotal Platform installations. Once the service is successfully installed and configured, the exposed service plans are made available to developers through the Service Marketplace.

  • MySQL for Pivotal Platform offers on-demand, dedicated instance plans.
  • On-Demand plans are operator-configured and enabled. Once enabled, application developers can provision a MySQL instance from a plan.
  • Developers can create and destroy instances and bind and unbind them to their applications via the App Manager or cf CLI.
  • Operators can configure periodic full backups to storage of their choosing. Operators can restore data to specific instances as needed.
  • Operators can automatically update all deployed service instances to latest version of software when updating MySQL for Pivotal Platform to a new version.

The MySQL for Pivotal Platform service is available on the Pivotal Network.


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