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Ford Teams with Pivotal to Bring Ford Smart Mobility Connected Car Experience to Life, Speed Development Time


Ford is adopting Pivotal® software development services to deliver innovative products and improve its customer experience – with the agility of a start-up

Leveraging the Pivotal Cloud Foundry® and Pivotal Big Data Suite to build its Ford Smart Mobility connected vehicle platform, Ford is becoming a more nimble software developer

Through its work with Pivotal, Ford’s software development time has decreased in some cases from months to weeks; further improvements expected

SAN FRANCISCO, December 15, 2015 – Ford is teaming up with software company Pivotal®, giving the automaker the capabilities of an innovative software team to enhance its connected vehicle experience for customers, simplifying how they use technology in their vehicles.

Ford’s three-year strategic collaboration with Pivotal, which is dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation for enterprises, supports the automaker’s development of mobile and user experiences.

The collaboration aims to make Ford an even more agile software developer, supporting even better customer experiences involving Ford’s vehicles and services.

This digital evolution is part of Ford Smart Mobility, the plan to take the company to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience as well as data and analytics.

“As we grow to become both an automaker and a mobility company, having leading software development expertise will be critical to delivering at the speed consumers expect,” said Marcy Klevorn, Ford vice president and chief information officer. “Customers today are used to frequent software updates on their mobile devices and expect them with all technology. This collaboration with Pivotal allows for quicker vehicle software updates and an even better user experience for Ford customers.”

At Pivotal Labs in Toronto, Ford software developers work side-by-side with Pivotal engineers to create software with the agility and expertise of Silicon Valley leaders. Taking an idea into production within a few days gives Ford the ability to merge its auto industry expertise with modern software development capabilities, boosting its software-led digital transformation.

“Typically, it took Ford months to develop software,” said Bill Cook, Pivotal president and chief operating officer. “At the outset of working with Pivotal, Ford engineers started producing compelling software in a matter of weeks. Since mastering Pivotal Labs’ cutting-edge, agile software development methodologies, Ford now is operating at start-up speeds – being able to create software in mere days.”

Ford plans to build a component of its new connected vehicle platform on top of Pivotal Cloud Foundry® – one of the world’s most powerful continuous-innovation cloud platforms. Ford also has leveraged Pivotal Big Data Suite to analyze data in both real-time and during longer periods to develop software-powered applications.

“When someone like Ford, with more than 100 years of domain expertise and data, evolves the ability to create software like Google, Uber or a venture-backed start-up, then they have a unique opportunity to disrupt the disrupters,” said Pivotal CEO Rob Mee.

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Pivotalは、クラウドネイティブ・プラットフォームと開発ツール、ユニークなメソドロジーを組み合わせ、世界の大手企業にとって重要なアプリケーションの構築と実行の変革をご支援しています。 Pivotalのテクノロジーは、グローバル2000企業がソフトウェア開発とIT運用における戦略的優位性を達成するために使われています。


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Pivotalは、EMC、VMware、GEの投資に基づく新しいソフトウェア・カンパニーとして、ビッグデータ分野では Pivotal HDやGreenplum DB、クラウド分野では Pivotal Cloud Foundryを提供しているのに加え、アジャイル開発サービスやデータサイエンスサービスなど様々な事業を展開しています。

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