Run your enterprise apps at scale with secure, highly automated Pivotal Platform

Pivotal Platform deploys continuously, freeing operators to focus on what matters—partnering with the business.


Reliably run all your apps at cloud scale

Efficiently manage Day 2 operations across your entire application portfolio. Pivotal Platform keeps your applications online and serving traffic, even in the face of infrastructure failure and unpredictable traffic spikes. Deliver enterprise SLAs as your business grows.

Patch quickly with zero downtime

Update during business hours fearlessly. Pivotal Platform’s embedded Linux and Windows OS let you apply patches without downtime. And Cloud Foundry BOSH, the platform’s deployment toolchain, allows you to repair vulnerable software as soon as updates are available.

Achieve breakthrough operational efficiency

Embrace immutable infrastructure with a platform that heals itself. Instead of manually deploying, patching, upgrading, and scaling infrastructure, you can work closely with your peers and automate more aspects of the software development lifecycle.

“We are approaching 100% availability with Pivotal Platform. The ease of spinning up, the ease of decommissioning is unlike any other I’ve seen in this industry.”

Elijah Savage, Senior Director of Infrastructure, Kroger

Deliver at scale across your entire app portfolio

Four layers of high availability

Count on four layers of built-in high availability to keep apps online and serving traffic. Keep customer-facing systems online even during spikes in traffic.

Multi-cloud capabilities help you run at scale

Pivotal Platform runs the same way in the public cloud and in your data center. That makes it easier to scale across clouds as you grow.

Autoscaling to match user demand

Keep your apps online and serving traffic even on the busiest days. Automatically scale your applications to meet the needs of your business.

Integrated logging and metrics to accelerate troubleshooting

Keep tabs on apps and the platform itself with integrated observability tools. When incidents occur, get the full picture of system behavior with intuitive, time-based displays of events, logs, and metrics. Connect the dots with distributed tracing.

Benefit from comprehensive security

Embedded OS (Windows and Linux)

Rely on built-in, automated platform updates with an embedded OS. When a CVE hits, patch remediation is done for you. Never patch an OS again.

Secrets management

Count on a secure, central point of control for encrypted credential generation, storage, and lifecycle management. Developers can focus on code instead of password rotation.

VMware NSX integration

Create a common network security model for cloud-native and traditional apps. Run Pivotal Platform atop VMware NSX and simplify enforcement of corporate network policies.

Data encryption

Pivotal Platform protects data in transit with TLS throughout the platform. Enable encryption at rest using the security features of your chosen infrastructure providers.

Buildpacks boost security and minimize risk

Deploy and log Buildpacks in a consistent, repeatable way with each cf push command. More easily audit and control what’s running on the platform at any given time.

Set and enforce permissions

Configure enterprise, role-based access controls to segment permissions across your organization. Every developer has the right level of access for their role.

Pivotal Platform by the numbers
fewer incidents
downtime in production in past 2.5 years
reduction in MTTR

We do this together

An organization needs more than a modern platform to quickly build and run apps—it needs to adopt modern delivery practices, changing the way it works across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

The experts on the Pivotal Labs Platform Ops team accelerate your success with Pivotal Platform by partnering with your team to plan, implement, customize, operate, and scale it. Our approach is vastly different: we don’t do the work for you—we pair with your team and work side by side.

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