Pivotal Cloud Cache

High-performance caching for Spring microservices

Pivotal Cloud Cache is an in-memory, key-value store that performs read/write operations at blazingly fast speeds.

Delight your users with lightning-fast apps

Amp up your applications with a cache to deliver low-latency responses to data access requests.

Unlock the power of your enterprise data

Boost the accessibility and resilience of your legacy systems with new caching architectures.

Easily add an in-memory cache to your apps

Provision on-demand clusters in minutes and improve your apps with caching plans based on common patterns.

Why Pivotal Cloud Cache?

To fully realize the benefits of microservices, you need to consider how your data is managed. Traditional databases are often too brittle or unreliable for use with microservices. That’s why every modern distributed architecture needs a cache!

Superior performance

PCC was designed for responding to large volumes of concurrent requests while maintaining low latency and high throughput.

Strong consistency

Give your update-heavy applications a cache that always returns fresh data, never stale data, in accordance with the 'C' in the CAP theorem.

Integrated with Spring

Spring Data Geode and Spring Boot for Apache Geode simplify how developers need to work with PCC. Let Spring handle the details so you can get on with building great apps!

Multi-site replication

Use PCC’s WAN replication capability for active-active configuration. For disaster recovery, deploy PCC across sites in an active-passive setup.

Flexibility for popular caching patterns

Adopting the look-aside caching pattern? Session State Caching? Either way, PCC has you covered.

High availability

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and PCC work hand in hand to ensure that high availability is offered at every layer of the stack. PCC replicates data to quickly recover from node, availability zone, or site failures.

Built for horizontal scale

PCC supports scale-out patterns with data partitioning. Partitions are dynamically rebalanced when servers are added or removed.

Supports partitioned and replicated regions

Use PCC’s replicated regions to support read-heavy workloads and when you need to model many-to-many relationships. For all scenarios, use partitioned regions for the best performance.

Security is built in, not bolted on

PCC integrates with CredHub to safely encrypt passwords and other secrets. And PCC supports TLS, so all data flows between PCC and the platform are encrypted.

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In-Memory Data Caching for Microservices Architectures
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Legacy data modernization

Many of the legacy data sources still remain outside modern platforms like PCF. Use PCC to cache legacy data on the platform and make it available to a whole new generation of microservices. This protects investments in legacy data, while also enabling the evolution to a modern architecture.

Session-state caching

Cache session or application state data for the duration of a given user’s session. It offers fast access to state information, while improving resiliency and business continuity. PCC is preconfigured for session-state caching, and enjoys extensive support within the Spring Framework.

Application data cache

PCC can help when your backing store can’t keep up with the volume of concurrent requests from the app. Use PCF and PCC together to keep your applications online and serving traffic. Your users will thank you!

Multi-cloud data cache

Nearly every PCF customer ends up running multiple foundations on multiple clouds. Common business drivers include: disaster recovery, reduced latency, and data sovereignty laws and regulations. PCC’s WAN replication provides the data layer underpinnings to make your multi-cloud strategy work.

Event processing

PCC includes a sophisticated eventing system that uses a pub-sub mechanism for publishing events to subscribers. It’s often used in distributed microservices architectures for processes like credit card fraud detection.

Transaction processing

Some backing stores can’t keep up with high-volume transaction processing, especially when there are many simultaneous requests. When increasing backing store concurrency is too difficult, PCC can be the solution.

Data-aware compute grid

Need to perform massive number crunching on large data sets? PCC can do map-reduce-style processing where data is sharded and computation-intensive workloads are sent each shard.

Streaming data capture

PCC is perfect for IoT scenarios where you’re ingesting data from sensors and monitors.

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