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Organizations in government worldwide are reaping the benefits of a cloud-native platform, embracing data analytics for constant innovation, and building better software with a modern, agile approach.

• Federal, state, and local governments

• Intelligence communities and civilian agencies

• Government departments and ministries

• Systems integrators

Security and compliance automation

Automate time-consuming, manual processes with a modern, cloud-native platform. Overcome challenges related to revising compliance and governance infrastructure in a timely manner to meet regulatory standards. Use advanced analytics to gain deeper insight and predict when issues may occur.

Maintaining consistency of environments

Gain application portability and choice to shift workloads when cloud economics or security conditions change. Deploy on an open cloud computing platform that provides full visibility and control over the complete application lifecycle—from development to staging, testing, and deployment to operations. Scale processing power in the cloud to support data-driven applications at scale.

Developer agility

Discover new agile development processes that enable teams to adapt faster to changing requirements and regulations. Scale resources quickly and focus on applications and mobile experiences instead of hardware as apps move to the cloud.

Legacy application migration

Evolve decades of constrained and siloed IT investments. Take a low-risk approach to transforming a legacy application portfolio using a contemporary micro-service architecture and modern development approach to refactor and re-platform. Deploy the most powerful continuous innovation platform to modernize and better align apps to changing needs. Embrace cloud-native technologies and practices to save time and money while improving resiliency and preventing vendor lock in.

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The new software is not only saving time—planning now takes a matter of two to three hours, rather than all day—but is also more reliable: AFCENT now scrambles two to three fewer tankers each day—at a cost of about $250,000 each. That means the project paid for itself in under a week.

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Cloud Foundry is an open source, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) software solution that includes a ready-to-use cloud-native platform and application services, hosted by virtualized servers on a customer’s existing public and private infrastructure. Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides enterprise support for achieving compliant authority to operate (ATO) status for a Cloud Foundry instantiation. Cloud Foundry is currently installed and operated by the GSA’s 18F to run cloud.gov, a U.S. government-supported platform that enables new government-developed projects and services to be deployed in a rapid, secure fashion.

18F leverages Cloud Foundry to achieve an ATO at a FedRamp Moderate compliant level, and 18F has made its site security plan (SSP) publically available for scrutiny and review. 18F uses Cloud Foundry to deploy new applications and achieve production ATO-compliant levels in fewer than three days, when it used to take more than nine months.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is architected to run and operate in a secure, compliant environment with strict regulations such as government networks. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is deployed across government organizations, including civilian agencies, departments of defense, and intelligence communities.


Meet increasing citizen expectations and drive workforce productivity

Give employees and constituents faster and simpler access to services. Leverage lean and agile development practices to personalize experiences. Release application code more frequently with higher quality. Move beyond the limits of traditional software with a secure, modern platform that scales to provide reliable, real-time situational awareness and mobile app delivery. Improve retention with faster data analysis.

Improve mission effectiveness

Collaborate with agile software development experts on transformation strategies. Iterate on effective designs to quickly launch portals and services. Build cloud-native apps. Scale infrastructure on demand and adapt to changing industry regulations with a modern IT platform that doesn't compromise secure operations.

Adhere to standards and certify at once

Meet a broad range of security and data protection regulations, standards, and best practices. Pivotal is committed to supporting and routinely provides new enhancements and releases to ensure Federal government customers can maintain or achieve higher FedRamp, FISMA, DIACAP/RMF, ICD503, or DoD Impact compliant levels. Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides mechanisms for single sign-on and external identity provider integration. It also provides mechanisms for continuous monitoring of operating environments, and encryption of all data in transit through the platform. Pivotal is committed to Pivotal Cloud Foundry addressing major NIST 800-53 v4 requirements and controls towards achieving multiple levels of compliancy across multiple Federal compliance standards.