Concourse Helps Enterprise Development Teams Release Early and Often

Who releases software to production at 8:00 Monday morning? Cloud-native development teams do because they have confidence in their deployments being fully automated, highly tested, and frequent—not high-anxiety events. Concourse empowers developers to achieve continuous delivery: treating every code commit as if it’s about to be deployed to production and subjecting it to the full battery of tests pre and post packaging.

“Always Be Delivering” with Concourse

Concourse is a CI/CD system remastered for teams that practice agile development and need to handle complex delivery permutations. Concourse was conceived because of Pivotal engineers’ frustrations with existing continuous integration (CI) systems. Discover a fresh approach with Concourse when you need to:

Automate test-driven development

Maintain compatibility between multiple build versions

Target multiple platforms and configurations such as different clouds

Deliver frequently—weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day

“We extensively leverage Concourse pipelines… We actually perform platform upgrades during normal business hours.”

Manu Pasari, Senior Systems Engineer, Ford Motor Company

These features make Concourse a perfect fit for cloud-native CI/CD

Build components that are expressed as code to ensure versioned, transportable, and repeatable build configurations

Inherently stateless and container-based builds with each task running clean in its own container, for dependable results

Pipeline status that is highly visible to all so teams maintain the build process with priority

Simple modeling of build-to-release processes as modular components to support arbitrarily complex projects

Flexible integrations to incorporate any kind of external system into your pipeline