For the Pivotal engineer, software is a practice in continuous evolution. This not a place of heroics, death marches, and feature schedules. It is a place of experimentation and adaptation, and where hundreds of competent people can and want to help you have an immediate impact.

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A Typical Friday as an Engineer

Grab a hot plate, some juice or coffee and hang out with fellow Pivots.

9:00 AM
Company Standup

Get a quick update on interesting events and a chance to ask others for help on a problem.

9:06 AM
Team Standup

Meet with your team to share what you worked on the day before, and what’s on tap for today.

9:15 AM
Start Pairing

After standup, you and your developer pair will start working together to code new features.

9:25 AM
12:30 PM
Ping Pong break!
3:48 PM
Weekly Team Retro

Every Friday, your team will meet over beer and wine to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and how to improve for next week.

5:00 PM
You're Done!

We don’t have overtime or weekend work. On Fridays, some Pivots meet for Whiskey Club.

6:00 PM
What Makes Us Different

We are not just creating great software products for others to use, but we are changing how you write that code and how you deliver great software products.

"I really enjoy pair programming because I learn something new every day. Having a pair means you always have someone to play ping pong with! I love our open culture and how communicating with others is so easy. When in doubt you can just walk up to anyone. Working on cool new technologies coupled with a bunch of great people is what makes life at Pivotal so enjoyable for me!"

Software Engineer