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Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal Harmonize on Open Data Platform Vision to Accelerate Big Data Solutions

First milestone met in commitment to deliver ecosystem interoperability rooted in open source

Brussels, April 14, 2015 - Big data leaders Hortonworks®, IBM, and Pivotal today announced each of their respective Hadoop based platform products are now aligned on a common Open Data Platform (ODP) core of Apache™ Hadoop® 2.6 (inclusive of HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce) and Apache Ambari software. The ODP initiative is an industry effort focused on simplifying adoption of Apache Hadoop for the enterprise, and enabling big data solutions to flourish through improved ecosystem interoperability. It relies on the governance of the Apache Software Foundation community to innovate and deliver the Apache project technologies included in the ODP core.

This milestone demonstrates the progress made by the ODP members on the promise to speed Hadoop adoption by delivering compatible solutions that improve interoperability and unlock customer choice. Available in the market today, the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.2, IBM Open Platform 4.0 with Apache Hadoop, and Pivotal HD 3.0 are all based on the common ODP core. This harmonization alleviates compatibility issues and eases the testing and validation burden for enterprise customers as the entire big data ecosystem can now integrate with a common and predictable core platform.

The ODP initiative allows enterprises and ecosystem vendors alike to verify once and run anywhere across their preferred big data infrastructure deployments. As ecosystem and solution providers create value from Hadoop through the ODP's ongoing efforts, enterprise customers will see the benefits of increased choice with more big data applications and solutions. Members of the ODP initiative include GE, Hortonworks, IBM, Infosys, Pivotal, SAS, and Altiscale, Capgemini, CenturyLink, EMC, PLDT, Splunk, Teradata, Verizon, VMware and WANdisco.

Supporting Quotes

Shaun Connolly, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Hortonworks

“At Hortonworks, we believe innovation happens not in isolation but in collaboration. Aligning around a common core of Apache Hadoop means tearing down complexity and building interoperability across the Hadoop ecosystem. We are pleased that less than 60 days after its creation, ODP is driving industry standardization among Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal platforms. Improving the downstream consumption of Apache Hadoop will allow for faster innovation and ultimately accelerate the growth of this market.“

Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President of IBM Analytics Platform, IBM

“IBM is a long time open source leader and community participant. The Open Data Platform continues this heritage by ensuring a strong foundation for the future of Hadoop. As a founding member, IBM is taking a central role to ensure a high degree of compatibility with its portfolio of products including SPSS, Cognos, and BigInsights as well as an expanding ecosystem of Hadoop partners. IBM Open Platform 4.0 is part of the next generation heterogeneous computing platform to make in-time analytics pervasive across the business.“

Leo Spiegel, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy, Pivotal

“To move forward, Pivotal believes that the big data market requires a standard, predictable, and mature Hadoop-based core platform for modern management solutions. The quick momentum we have around the Open Data Platform is already taking the guesswork out of fragmented and duplicative processes of what works and what doesn't. This will enable enterprises and ecosystem vendors to focus on integrating and building business driven applications and use cases that drive innovation.“



Pivotalは、クラウドネイティブ・プラットフォームと開発ツール、ユニークなメソドロジーを組み合わせ、世界の大手企業にとって重要なアプリケーションの構築と実行の変革をご支援しています。 Pivotalのテクノロジーは、グローバル2000企業がソフトウェア開発とIT運用における戦略的優位性を達成するために使われています。


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