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Q: What is the Pivotal Vanguard?

Pivotal Vanguard is a group of global technology users and practitioners passionate about Pivotal’s products and services who openly share their experiences and knowledge with the community, Pivotal and the IT industry.

Q: Why become a Pivotal Vanguard member?

Becoming a member of the Pivotal Vanguard community means you are recognized for your skills and achievements. You will join a community of Pivotal product and service enthusiasts that are on the cutting edge of cloud technology. It also means you are willing to regularly share your knowledge and unbiased opinions with the industry and the world!

Some of the many privileges of becoming a Pivotal Vanguard include:

  • networking with a small group of peers to get complex IT challenges solved
  • recognition and rewards for your contributions and achievements
  • raising your profile via media, analysts, and content opportunities
  • access to Pivotal product and service groups
  • unique invitations to Pivotal conferences and user group meetups
  • special digital badges to identify you as a Pivotal Vanguard

Q: What are the membership criteria for joining the Pivotal Vanguard community?

The community is widely available to all Pivotal product and service enthusiasts. Some criteria for membership include:

  • at least 18 years old or older
  • current or former Pivotal customers and partners
  • active members of and contributors to the industry
  • passionate about Pivotal’s products and services
  • in spare time, likes to geek out on all things IT
  • openly, willingly share your opinions with the community, industry and back to Pivotal
  • seeking to grow a personal brand
  • bloggers, podcasters or anyone active on social media is a plus

The ideal job title for candidates:

  • Developer
  • Platform Operator
  • Administrators
  • Cloud Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Scientist

Q: Who is not eligible to become a Pivotal Vanguard?

  • current or former Pivotal employees
  • market analysts or analyst relations representatives
  • government employees
  • persons listed in the U.S. exclusion list (either country or person)
  • Pivotal competitors

Note: If an active member accepts a job with a Pivotal competitor, then the member must relinquish membership

Q: What are the criteria for maintaining active membership?

Pivotal Vanguard are passionate about Pivotal’s products and services and openly and willingly share their knowledge and opinions within the community, to Pivotal and the industry. They are actively engaged in the community. They support their community members, they are interested in learning the latest technology trends and share their unique point of view across multiple communication channels.

Activities that members are encouraged to participate in include:

  • attendance at community meetings
  • contribute to product/service panel discussions
  • volunteer to share opinions in Pivotal’s communication and social media channels
  • guest speaker on Pivotal podcasts, event conferences, and user group meetups
  • speak to media and analysts about industry trends, Pivotal products, etc.
  • engage online polls and surveys
  • write or speak about Pivotal’s products and services in own blog or podcast, as well as Pivotal’s blog

Q: What is the selection process to become a member?

The on-boarding process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Review these FAQ’s
  • Step 2: Apply for membership by completing the application form
  • Step 3: If you are considered, you should expect a response within 2-4 weeks
  • Step 4: Schedule an interview with us to discuss IT background and qualifications
  • Step 5: Allow 1-2 weeks afterward to determine your eligibility
  • Step 6: If you are invited to become a member, you must complete a participation agreement, NDA and welcome form

Q: What if I am unable to stay active in the community?

Members must stay “active” from the date they are selected, until the end of that calendar year. At the end of each year, members are evaluated based on their contributions and level of activity within the community. If it is determined that they did not meet the minimum criteria, then their membership will not be renewed. Retired members may apply again to re-join the community if circumstances change.

Q: What guidelines must I follow as an active member?

One of Pivotal’s core values is to “do the right thing” by contributing our time, technology and know-how to improve the communities we work and live in. It means we operate legally and ethically, everywhere we are and in everything we do. The same can be applied to our fellow Pivotal Vanguard members. We ask that all active members respect one another and display high standards at all times. Some general guidelines or rules of thumb:

  • do not release any Pivotal product or service information to the general public prior to the agreed upon announcement date
  • do not actively sell or market your products or services within the community
  • do not misrepresent your relationship to Pivotal by posing as a Pivotal employee
  • trolling is not allowed; no bullying or insulting fellow members
  • additional reasons that are left to Pivotal’s sole discretion

Q: Does a Pivotal Vanguard represent Pivotal?

No, they do not. A Pivotal Vanguard is a member of Pivotal’s enterprise super user community, but not a Pivotal employee. Pivotal Vanguard members are encouraged to disclose their relationship with Pivotal to third parties such as posting the following message in one’s blog, podcast or social media profile page:

    Though I am not a representative of Pivotal and my views and opinions about Pivotal are my own, I am an active member of the Pivotal Vanguard community which gives me the privilege to have special access to Pivotal and engage with other Pivotal Vanguard members.

Q: Does being a Pivotal Vanguard member present any conflicts with my current employer?

Please check with your company prior to applying for membership to ensure there are no conflicts.

Q: What can Pivotal do with content I generate for Pivotal Vanguard?

By joining the Pivotal Vanguard, you grant Pivotal the right to use any and all content you generate in and for your membership-related activities. This includes contributing content to a blog, podcast, webinar video, social media, etc., either on the member’s own channel or Pivotal’s channels. Any content that is created in collaboration between you and Pivotal may be shared and distributed by you and us. If Pivotal decides to use content that an active member has contributed to, for marketing or promotional related purposes, Pivotal will request additional permission from the active member before distributing.

Q: How does Pivotal use and share personal information?

Pivotal’s privacy policies are outlined on our Privacy Policy page:, which is incorporated into your membership agreement.

Q: What if I want to leave Pivotal Vanguard?

You can quit anytime by sending us an email at

Q: Are there any costs or payments associated with joining the Pivotal Vanguard community?

No, you do not have to pay to be a Pivotal Vanguard member. Their invitation to join is a reward for their past achievements. Likewise, Pivotal Vanguard members will not be paid anything to be part of the community.

Q: Who can I contact with any questions?

Please email:

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