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Stark & Wayne has grown to become the premier Cloud Foundry Architect and Consultancy firm, with a focus on partnering with organizations to deploy their Cloud Foundry environment(s).

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Strategic Relationship

As highly experienced Cloud Foundry experts, Stark & Wayne engineers work closely with clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives and to reap the significant benefits afforded to them through the use of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. We are major contributors to the Cloud Foundry community and are strong proponents of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. When working with Pivotal, Stark & Wayne engineers strive to ensure that our mutual clients are successful. Stark & Wayne has been a Pivotal Partner since their inception.

Partner Solutions

Every company has unique capabilities and requirements. At Stark & Wayne, we are prepared to handle every nuance of your infrastructure and platform. While we're happy to recommend our favorite tools and processes, we want to make sure you are using your preferred tools effectively.


Platform Management

Stark & Wayne can manage your Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform with a subscription to our Pivotal Cloud Foundry Managed Services. We take care of upgrades, maintenance, and provide pro-active health checks on a regular basis to ensure that your platform runs smoothly with minimal downtime.

Platform Enablement

Stark & Wayne believes that a well-constructed training program can provide your team of operators the foundation they need to manage your Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform(s) efficiently and effectively. Our proven experience and deep system know-how are the basis for the training programs we develop to make your platform operators successful. We understand what operators need and design our training programs accordingly. We can also be called on to help your team set up their Pivotal Cloud Foundry properly or assist with any facet of Cloud Foundry platform management.

Design Leadership

Stark & Wayne works with you to ensure that the right capabilities are incorporated into your platform and that they meet industry standards.


We teach our industry-leading methodology and architecture to the team so they can manage their own Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform(s).


We advise on how to create a forward-looking backlog so that companies can focus on their competitive advantages instead of getting bogged down unexpected platform problems.


We drive success and work alongside your team to streamline implementation, using a balanced approach of onsite, remote, and pairing models that are efficient and effective.


Stark & Wayne runs dozens of production pipelines for our open source software and client projects. We can improve your company's pipelining to maximize continuous delivery. Learning Concourse CI in a few hours will empower your company and introduce new efficiencies through automation.

Disaster Recovery

No matter how much you think your application, database, or platform is bulletproof, the possibility that any of those can fail still exists. When one or more of them fail, Stark & Wayne can help you minimize downtime and get you on the road to recovery. Once recovered, Stark & Wayne can help you plan ahead to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recovery strategy.

Application Migration Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Application developers can quickly achieve greater success with just a little extra guidance and experience. Stark & Wayne can help your application developers deploy applications faster than you ever thought possible using languages they already know and love.


Each enterprise client has unique requirements for documentation. Stark & Wayne can author and maintain client runbooks that satisfy each client requirement while adhering to compliance and audit standards, financial management responsibilities, and methodical change management practices. These runbooks are designed to be living, digital, dynamic documents instead of using traditional documentation methods.

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System Integrator

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North America

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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