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Microservices help independent teams ship software more often, but it requires new thinking and upgraded architecture patterns. Adopt a microservices architecture to execute better and faster.

Deploy Your Microservices Vision with Pivotal

Using Pivotal Platform

IT teams can quickly build loosely coupled, secure, resilient applications that sit behind a high-performing routing tier and use a robust logging and monitoring subsystem with Pivotal Platform. Deliver all of this to production continuously using integrated deployment components.

Don't know where to start? Unsure whether to start with Pivotal Platform, Pivotal Web Services, or Pivotal Platform Dev? Check out the table

Get started with Pivotal Platform

Cloud Foundry runs many applications, written in many languages—from Java, .NET, and Ruby to JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Go. Regardless of your preferred language or framework, your applications can take advantage of the platform’s centralized logging, health management, rapid scaling, and dynamic routing capabilities. Now, you just have to consider which host to target when deploying your applications.

Pivotal offers three viable hosts for running applications in Cloud Foundry. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Pivotal Platform

This full-featured cloud-native platform runs on any major public IaaS or private cloud. It’s a commercial offering that includes the full developer experience, support for Pivotal’s rich software ecosystem, and all of the management tools that operators depend on for release. It’s ideal for companies that need a platform to continuously deliver dozens, hundreds, or thousands of highly-available applications.

Pivotal Web Services

This hosted cloud-native platform requires zero installation and operations. It’s Pivotal Platform with hosted, pay-by-the-hour pricing. Available in the U.S., and soon in Europe, Pivotal Web Services gives developers the tools they need and access to a marketplace with a set of integrated third-party services. It’s best suited for startups or individual teams that want high-performance and pay-as-you-go cost.

Pivotal Platform Dev

This fully encapsulated instance of Pivotal Platform in a single virtual machine offers the opportunity to develop apps using an offline environment. Pivotal Platform Dev is ideal for experimenting in a safe environment, developing on the go, or setting up a quick test lab for a hackathon—basically anytime you need agility to be king!

Check out the table to choose which Pivotal host is best for your application
Pivotal Platform
Pivotal Web Services
Pivotal Platform Dev
Where it runs
AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, VMware vSphere, OpenStack Hosted Local workstation
Priced per application instance $0.03 per GB/hr Free
Enterprise support
Best effort
Java, Ruby, .NET Core JavaScript, PHP, Python, Go support
.NET Framework support
Spring Cloud Services support
Application Manager UI
Pivotal App Metrics
Operations Manager UI
Application services
Full ecosystem SaaS partners Built-in only (MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis)

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Altre informazioni

Altre informazioni

Using Spring Cloud Services

Organizations can empower developers to build scalable, resilient Java Spring applications that implement distributed system patterns.

Circuit Breaker Dashboard
Distributed system health monitoring

Configuration Server
Distributed application configuration

Service Registry
Service discovery pattern implementation

Deploying Microservice Architectures with Spring Cloud on Cloud Foundry

Using Spring Cloud on Cloud Foundry to quickly leverage common microservice patterns, including distributed configuration management, service discovery, intelligent routing, load balancing, and fault tolerance.

Using Pivotal Labs

Businesses just beginning to break apart their monoliths and embrace microservices can turn to Pivotal Labs for guidance. Pivots understand how best to work collaboratively with lean startup and agile methodologies to more effectively share knowledge and transfer skills, ensure transparency, and maximize efficiency.
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