WombatOAM Erlang Monitoring for PCF

Operations and Maintenance Framework for Erlang & Elixir Systems

Integration between WombatOAM and Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform offers full visibility across systems. As a monitoring component of the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, WombatOAM ensures that the application keeps running, providing users with all information in one place (via an interactive dashboard) while offering immediate access to system topology, metrics, notifications and alarms.

Plugin-Based Architecture

WombatOAM’s set of built-in application plugins covers many popular open source applications, but also custom proprietary plugins can be developed based on a simple API.

Out of the Box

WombatOAM integration with an existing Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform is seamless. It’s easy to install and use, and makes minimal demands on the system resources.

Topology Visualisation

WombatOAM visualises the node topology and enables to inspect specific node information, facilitating troubleshooting, without users needing to access the machines themselves.

WombatOAM: Full Visibility and Control Over Erlang & Elixir Applications
Erlang Solutions Overview

Erlang Solutions are the creators of WombatOAM and other Erlang and Elixir infused products. They are a world-leading solutions provider in developing and building trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. They support over 300 clients from various emerging sectors; Media, Telecoms, Gaming, Automotive, Web Advertising, Online Gambling & Betting, Mobile Apps and Internet of Things. WombatOAM works out of the box, without modifying the application's original source code. WombatOAM monitors and debugs production systems in real-time, prevents outages by receiving alarms at signs of possible problems and saves precious time in post-mortem analysis of crashes.

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Integration Features

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.


It is an on-demand service broker, operators should download the product file and import and add it as a product on the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard. They should then check the configuration pane (and set network and import stemcell if necessary). After applying the changes they are ready to visit the WombatOAM Dashboard.

The WombatOAM for PCF node will inject its plugins into the monitored nodes. The plugins create metric values, collect notifications and raise alarms, and all this data is then sent to the WombatOAM for PCF, which will store and show them on the WombatOAM Dashboard.

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