Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure

Azure Service Broker extends Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Azure-managed services that can be consumed by applications. It exposes services in the Services Marketplace, manages the provisioning and de-provisioning of service instances, and provides credentials for an application to consume the resource.

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An overview of selected Pivotal Cloud Foundry components

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Azure service brokers released

This marks another great milestone for Cloud Foundry on Azure; It enables application developers to easily connect and configure Azure services, expanding the Cloud Foundry service ecosystem to Azure.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Microsoft Azure Reference Architectures for Cloud-Native Applications

Customers have asked for advice on how to best deploy PCF atop Azure. To this end, this white paper encapsulates our learnings as reference architectures.

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Cloud Foundry on Azure, Beyond BOSH and CPI - Kundana Palagiri, Ning Kuang, & Gil Isaacs, Microsoft

Java on Azure
Try PCF on Azure for Free

For a 90-day free evaluation of Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure, go to the Azure Marketplace. Use it to independently evaluate the platform and its capabilities, or contact us to pursue a proof of concept.

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