DevOps : L'esprit collaboratif au service de déploiements plus rapides et plus fiables

Tout indique qu’un cadre DevOps robuste accroît non seulement la vélocité et la stabilité des déploiements logiciels, mais réduit également les délais de mise à jour et de restauration.

DevOps next steps

Although there is no prescriptive approach, successful DevOps practices tend to share characteristics. The following resources offer insight into DevOps best practices.


Organizations can use new cloud techniques and technologies to dramatically change how their businesses run. A critical success factor is DevOps. According to Michael Coté of Pivotal in Crafting Your Cloud-Native Strategy, when teams can change their software weekly, if not daily, they gain an unprecedented ability to make their business models more agile, creating an innovation factory.

This eBook includes details about:

  • IT’s role in the era of transient advantage
  • DevOps and Agile software practices
  • Using a cloud platform to automate, standardize, and control code deployments


In the whirlwind of digital business where web, mobile, and now line-of-business app growth is exploding across every industry, how should operations teams respond? Should they add more people, automate what experts already do, or is there another way? Hear ​​guest speaker​ Forrester Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti and John Allwright from Pivotal in The Bright Ops Future: Reinventing Operations In The Age Of Cloud-Native IT discuss how leading companies have successfully transformed their operations function​s to accelerate digital transformation.

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Discover more about how organizations are benefitting from DevOps, a collaborative mindset for rapid and reliable application delivery.
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