A Modern Platform That Allows Developers to Save Hours and Days

"We’re still entrepreneurs. Even though DISH is now a Fortune 200 company, we still operate like a startup. But to do that, we must constantly adapt and change."

John Swieringa

Executive Vice President of Operations, DISH

  • Speed is required to succeed in the highly competitive telecommunications, entertainment, and technology industries
  • Desire to continually deliver new technology faster to customers
  • Demand to provide a reliable and positive customer experience for consumers
  • Need to attract the right talent to deliver innovation
  • A modern platform allows developers to save hours and days by quickly prototyping and innovating ideas
  • Software releases are introduced bi-weekly instead of quarterly so the customer experience is constantly evolving
  • A thriving, agile culture appeals to top talent

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The DISH and Pivotal relationship is long-standing and ever-evolving. DISH’s Executive Vice President of Operations John Swieringa and Pivotal’s Vice President of Products Ian Andrews discuss the challenges and payoffs of establishing an innovative application development culture. It’s a shared journey that’s resulting in DISH delivering ground-breaking technology to its customers—faster than ever before.

Chapter 1: Delivering Customer Delight through an Integrated Experience
Chapter 2: Cultivating New Markets is the New Normal
Chapter 3: Things You Do will Hit the Real World in Weeks
Chapter 4: Getting Faster with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Building on an Entrepreneurial Foundation

DISH is the very best at delivering video anywhere, anytime because innovation and entrepreneurship are part of its DNA. The company operates in the confluence of the highly competitive technology, entertainment and telecommunications industries. To be successful requires DISH to continually incorporate new technology to provide the services customers want. Engaging with Pivotal has offered the perfect way for DISH to learn different and valuable techniques to deliver software faster. Thanks to a comprehensive, future-facing development platform and proven methodologies, DISH developers are quickly building the software that is enabling DISH to better meet the needs of customers and come to market with cutting-edge services ahead of competitors.

With a thriving culture of innovation that builds on its entrepreneurial foundation, DISH is in the optimal position to quickly create the apps to meet the needs of new markets and customers. They are also able to effectively harness the latest technologies customers want to use—from TVs to smart phones to tablets—to enjoy video anywhere, anytime.

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