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Containers enable consistent deployment and execution

Containers are popular with both developers and operators because they offer a simpler way to achieve deployment and execution consistency. They can also help to improve development and operations (DevOps) team handoffs.

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If you’re ready to learn more about containers and container initiatives, we think you’ll find the following resources helpful.


How do containers fall into your cloud-native planning? This podcast covers containers in the context of the larger questions of how to build a cloud platform and the allure of building it yourself. Also hear recent news about infrastructure software. Michael Coté hosts guest John Feminella for this Pivotal conversation.
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Hands-On Tutorial

There’s no better way to experience software than working with it. Try Pivotal Platform on your local workstation with Pivotal Platform Dev, which supports Docker images from Docker Hub. This tutorial is an opportunity to deploy and scale an application. It also features additional language-specific sample apps.
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Learn more about production-grade Kubernetes that helps you reliably deploy and run containerized workloads across private and public clouds. Pivotal Container Service (PKS) eases Day 2 operations for container orchestration through built-in high availability, monitoring, automated health checks, and more.
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Get started with Containers
Deciphering the Buzzword Bingo

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