Platform automation for operators

Pivotal Concourse automates software installations, updates, and backups.

Automate platform updates at enterprise scale

Keep your platform updated with CI/CD.

If you're using Pivotal Platform to run your enterprise app portfolio, you likely have many platform deployments. This may include different cloud providers, geographic regions, and environment stages. This is a lot to manage, particularly with manual or scripted steps. Pivotal Concourse can help accelerate platform management tasks like patching, upgrades, and backups.

In fact, Concourse tasks are a key part of Pivotal Platform Automation. This Pivotal-supported solution provides flexible building blocks for you to create Concourse upgrade pipelines that meet the needs of your enterprise.

Automate the entire operational life cycle.

You can create dependable, consistent automated processes for maintaining your platform. Example operations include:

consistent installation of multiple platform deployments on different infrastructure targets
automated uptake of latest security patches, new features, and stem cells to ensure your platforms are stable, secure, and current
manage disaster recovery of the platform, including automated backups

Treat your platform like a product.

When you manage your platform as a product, you regularly release updates and enhancements to your customers (in this case, your developers). Platform automation with Concourse can help you to implement new features and capabilities when they‘re available. This keeps your developers happy and continuously delivering value to your end customers.

And product owners must maintain constant vigilance on security. Pivotal ensures you have the latest patches to common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) relevant to the platform. Continuously delivering these security updates through platform automation can significantly improve your security profile.

“We were able to get it [a stemcell upgrade] into our sandbox on a Monday or Tuesday, and we were in production by Friday.”
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