Concourse Helps Enterprise Development Teams Release Early and Often

Who releases software to production at 8:00 Monday morning? Cloud-native development teams do because they have confidence in their deployments being fully automated, highly tested, and frequent—not high-anxiety events. Concourse empowers developers to achieve continuous delivery: treating every code commit as if it’s about to be deployed to production and subjecting it to the full battery of tests pre and post packaging.

Platform Automation for Operators
Concourse automates software installations, updates, and monitoring processes.

Platform Automation for Operators

Automate Operations at Enterprise Scale

Manage platform differences as code

Organizations using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to run enterprise-scale clouds typically have multiple deployments of their platform, covering different cloud providers, geographic regions, and use cases. For these customers, DevOps approaches and CI/CD systems such as Concourse accelerate innovation. They can free up operators’ time by automating installations, updates, and cross-deployment operations. Concourse describes these differences as text-based configurations that can then be versioned in source-code repositories.

Automate the entire operational life cycle

Operators can create dependable, consistent automated administrative processes that span multiple deployments. Example operations include:

  • Consistent installation of multiple Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployments on different infrastructure
  • Automation of backup, restore, and smoke tests
  • Automated uptake of latest minor releases, hot fixes, and stem cells to ensure platforms

Design your platform operations

Enterprises typically start using Concourse when they work with Pivotal to conduct a Platform Dojo to advance their operational capabilities. Platform Dojos are two-day, customizable sessions during which operations teams pair with experts from Pivotal to design the best automated operations processes for your business.

Operating Cloud Foundry with Concourse

“Concourse has been a game changer for us. We use it to do release upgrades to keep us closer to the latest version released upstream of Cloud Foundry.”

Josh Stone
Senior DevOps Platform Engineer, Verizon

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