Concourse Helps Enterprise Development Teams Release Early and Often

Who releases software to production at 8:00 Monday morning? Cloud-native development teams do because they have confidence in their deployments being fully automated, highly tested, and frequent—not high-anxiety events. Concourse empowers developers to achieve continuous delivery: treating every code commit as if it’s about to be deployed to production and subjecting it to the full battery of tests pre and post packaging.

Continuous Integration for Application Developers
Concourse is for development teams that need a build integration system that fits cloud-native development, continuous delivery (CD) principles.

Continuous Integration for Application Developers

Open the Software Pipeline

Automate complex builds

Concourse manages automated test and delivery pipelines branching to different architectures and platforms. This can include testing on different IaaS platforms, testing compatibility with multiple platform versions, and ultimately packaging and delivering multiple derivatives of end products.

Test for multiple targets in parallel

Concourse with Pivotal Cloud Foundry for CI/CD handles complexities such as testing and delivering components both on and off Cloud Foundry deployments. Test and deploy to multiple clouds. Manage testing and delivery between Cloud Foundry deployments, including moving an app from staging to production.

Integrate ideas to production code

Concourse is a key part of the Circle of Code, linking development to software delivery. Kick-off pipelines with actions in Pivotal Tracker or Jira and have Concourse it return status, bugs, and new stories. Build and automate testing for any language or platform. Check out Spring Cloud Pipelines for an example of the support Spring provides for CI/CD tooling. Use Concourse to package, deliver, and deploy your apps to targeted platforms such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Concourse at Pivotal

“Concourse's flexibility in handling complex projects has allowed our Greenplum Database team to run our entire test suite after every commit, even with the high rate of enhancements we are making as we get close to releasing Greenplum Database 5.”

Michael Schubert
Senior Director of Software Engineering, Pivotal

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