Signal Sciences Service Broker for PCF

Security, Visibility, and Protection for Web Applications, Microservices, and APIs

Signal Sciences Web Protection Platform可保护现代应用、微服务和API免受攻击和威胁的影响,并且可以部署在任何基础架构和技术堆栈中。Signal Sciences...

Real-Time Security Visibility and Protection

Get detailed insights into your most attacked applications and functionality, including type of attack, time of attack, and point of origin. Stop attacks as they occur and enable your teams to protect and have visibility over business risks in the application layer (e.g. account takeover, high risk transactions, vulnerability discover, and policy validation).

Easily Integrate into Current Processes

Access data easily with whatever third-party DevOps tools and SIEM solutions that your security and operations teams actually use, including integrations like Slack, JIRA, Splunk, Kibana, and more.

Unrestricted Scalability, Flexibility, and Extensibility

Scale with the modern web. Signal Sciences WPP directly scales to support the busiest and most demanding web applications and APIs. Extensible system to support business logic attacks specific to your applications.

Signal Sciences 概述

Signal Sciences revolutionizes application security with the first Web Protection Platform (WPP), bringing real-time protection to both security and engineering teams.

More about Signal Sciences

Integration Features

Option to broker a connection to a service running external to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.

“The Signal Sciences approach gives us situational awareness about where and how our applications are attacked so that we can best protect ourselves and our customers.”

Jon Oberheide, Co-Founder & CTO, Duo


To use the Signal Sciences service with your app, you must first enable the Signal Sciences agent that runs within the application.Simply add Signal Sciences to your application stack from the Pivotal Services Marketplace to get setup. With a single command or click, developers can bind their applications to the service broker to automatically add the Signal Sciences agent to their buildpack.

The Signal Sciences Agent does the following:

  • Monitors and protects Cloud Foundry apps
  • Provides attack and anomaly visibility through the Signal Sciences Dashboard.