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Concourse for Pivotal Platform

Automate Testing and Deployment of Your Software and Platform

Compatible with PAS, PKS

Can be consumed by apps on PAS

Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Runs on PKS with no dependency on PAS

使用Concourse for Pivotal Platform实现云原生软件交付方式的现代化。将您的构建和交付流程作为管道进行建模和可视化。自动生成独立运行的步骤,以获取可靠结果。与管道中...

Build with Dependable Results

With Concourse, each build-run is clean. Pipelines run the same way locally, and in any cloud. Your unit tests work the same as build runs. Easily switch cloud providers.

Release Software with High Velocity

Practice test-driven development and continuous delivery by automating your testing and release process with every commit. Help your team find and resolve issues faster.

Deliver like a Cloud Native

Add a “release to production” pipeline. Ensure setup tasks happen consistently. Automate regression testing. Simplify consumption of hotfixes and minor releases. Always keep your software up to date!

Concourse 概述

Concourse is an open source continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) system designed for teams that practice test-driven development and continuous delivery. Teams automate delivery of their software as pipelines which execute testing, packaging, and deployment as often as every commit. Concourse pipelines are configured via YAML, which can be versioned controlled as part of the project code. Pipelines can scale to projects of any complexity. Pipelines are displayed visually to show the status of build runs. Concourse provides dependable, repeatable results that behave the same in any Concourse deployment, on any cloud. Concourse provides a wide variety of predefined integrations with external systems, and an open approach for defining custom integrations. Teams that adopt Concourse deliver their software reliably and with high velocity.

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BOSH-releases based on curated versions of the Concourse open source project.

Deploy within a separate BOSH Director independent from Pivotal Platform environments.

Automate build and delivery of applications in Pivotal Platform or between multiple deployments.

Automate operational lifecycle processes for multiple Pivotal Platform deployments including installation, update, and monitoring of Cloud Foundry components.

Each “team” defined within an instance of Concourse for Pivotal Platform counts as one Service Instance (SI) of Pivotal Services Suite for Pivotal Platform.

“Before Concourse, we had trouble keeping all of our environments consistent, and that led to a poor developer experience. If an app pushed in one environment but failed to stage in another because the Java buildpack was different, that’s a poor developer experience and that’s something that would slip through the cracks before we brought in Concourse.”

Josh Stone, Senior DevOps Platform Engineer, Verizon


Concourse for Pivotal Platform is a BOSH-release deployed by an independent BOSH director. This is because Concourse for Pivotal Platform is used for both application and platform operation CI/CD processes that can span across multiple Pivotal Platform deployments.

Follow instructions for preparing a cloud environment for a BOSH deployment. Prepare your manifest to reflect the configuration you want to deploy, and then bosh deploy the latest version of Concourse for Pivotal Platform from network.pivotal.io.

A few options to consider are:

  • Whether you want to install a load balancer and scale up to multiple web components to handle heavier usage.
  • Use the default configuration for an internally managed database, or to connect to an externally managed database.
  • Whether you want to encrypt the database
  • Whether you want to use Vault for credential management
  • How to configure authentication and authorization: (Concourse-managed, GitHub managed, or Cloud Foundry UAA-managed)

Whenever you want to update Concourse or change your deployment configuration, simply redeploy with BOSH again after downloading the latest version of Concourse and updating your configuration manifest.

Once you are deployed and your team authentication is set up, Concourse is available to your teams to begin building their delivery pipelines.




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