a9s BOSH for PCF

Provides the Infrastructure for On-Demand Provisioning of Dedicated Service Instances

与Pivotal Operations Director管理Pivotal Elastic Runtime的生命周期一样,a9s BOSH for PCF也可管理所有anynines专用服务实例的生命周期。

Separated Service Instance Lifecycle Management

Preventing BOSH to become a bottleneck within your platform, a9s BOSH for PCF separates the lifecycle management of service instances and other platform components. Operating system and software updates can be performed without affecting the elastic runtime.

Gain Access to Common Data Services

anynines BOSH for PCF is included in the anynines Data Service Kickstart Bundle. This bundle allows you to use a growing list of services with a single licence. The bundle currently includes a9s MongoDB, a9s PostgreSQL, a9s RabbitMQ, a9s Redis and the a9s Elasticsearch services.

Define VM Sizes of All Service Plan

Easily specify the sizes of the virtual machines which should be used for the anynines service instances.

anynines 概述

anynines has experience in operating highly available, distributed systems for over 10 years. Since 2013 anynines is among the first Cloud Foundry providers worldwide. By training and consulting with large enterprise customers, anynines has learned early how production grade data services need to be designed.

More about anynines

“With the anynines Data Service Kickstart Bundle we provide a faster time to market by offering the most important data services with just a single license.”

Julian Fischer, CEO, anynines


anynines BOSH is easily installed via the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Managers and is used by the other anynines services to provision dedicated service instances.