EDB Postgres Service Broker for PCF

Full Lifecycle Database Provisioning to Support Modern Application Development

EDB Postgres是一个功能强大的多模型数据库,具有一个兼容ACID的对象关系核心。它可以部署到许多位置,包括裸机、虚拟机以及各种公有云和私有云。EDB...

Integrated Data Management

Developers can use EDB Postgres as a standard part of the development flow within Pivotal Cloud Foundry to easily and reliably persist application data.

Faster Time to Market

Developers can bind applications to an EDB Postgres database quickly and easily, reducing time to market for new applications.

Ease of Use

Developers can bind applications to EDB Postgres through Pivotal’s self-service management interface and without database administration skills.

The Database Platform for Digital Business
EnterpriseDB 概述

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) delivers the premier open source-based, multi-model data platform for new applications, cloud re-platforming, application modernization, and legacy database migration. The EDB Postgres platform integrates the core EDB Postgres DBMS with adjacent technologies for hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehouse. EDB customers benefit from the highest performing, most reliable, flexible, open, and cost-effective data management platform available. EDB provides customers deep expertise and best practices to support achieving their goals. The EDB Postgres Service Broker for PCF brings new efficiencies to the development and operations groups. Developers have more freedom to focus on their application logic and don’t have to worry about how their data is persisted, while the operations team can ensure that the data is managed in a prescribed and supported way.

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Integration Features

Option to broker a connection to a service running external to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The service is documented with instructions for setup and operation.

“Our customers are competing in rapidly changing industries facing higher customer expectations than ever. Platform-as-a-Service solutions such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) enable them to keep up with these challenges by supporting agile software development and continuous deployment. The EDB Postgres Service Broker ensures that data management is integrated with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and allows for easy and fast provisioning of EDB Postgres databases from within Pivotal’s App Manager.“

Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy, EnterpriseDB


The EDB Postgres Service Broker for PCF allows developers to provision a database within an existing EDB Postgres database cluster using Pivotal’s App Manager for self-service. The database is automatically created and bound to the application allowing developers to focus on their code rather than on its infrastructure. Each service instance connects to a single database that is secure from other databases on the server.

When a developer binds a service instance to an application, the binding call provisions credentials and delivers them to the application. When a developer unbinds a service instance, the unbinding call disables the database user role if there are no other bindings.

When a developer deletes a service instance, the EDB Postgres Service Broker deprovisions the database and frees all resources.