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Pivotal Platform Automation

The path to consistent and confident platform upgrading

Compatible with PAS, PKS

Can be consumed by apps on PAS

Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Runs on PKS with no dependency on PAS

Pivotal Platform Automation provides essential building blocks for automating the installation and upgrades of platform foundations and services. Platform engineers can realize the benefits of small, constant platform upgrades—and significantly reduce risk, streamline upgrading, and improve stability.

Improve platform health and stability

Upgrade swiftly and incrementally. By automatically applying each patch, upgrades are easier and safer—plus you gain confidence in your platform. You can also apply updates during regular business hours. Less toil, less stress.

Stay ahead of security threats

Keep up with regular security updates to reduce your exposure to new threats. “Repave” your environment from the updated state to remove any persistent threats that might have infiltrated your servers. Become a security hero by proactively fighting bad actors.

Keep developers continuously delivering

Empower your developers with the most up-to-date platform features and services. Keep them happy and productive—and continuously delivering new features your customers love.

Platform Automation 概述

Pivotal Platform is always improving—whether it’s through a major new release, incremental enhancements, or the latest security fix. Keeping up with all these new capabilities can be tricky, especially when you’re running at scale.

Pivotal Platform Automation is purpose-built to simplify how platform teams automate regular platform updates, reducing the time required to stay current. Through repeatable, reusable building blocks, you gain confidence in your upgrade protocol and can scale upgrades to support the enterprise.

More about Platform Automation


Comprises modular tasks (small, defined actions) that you assemble into automation pipelines suited for your platform upgrade needs

Ability to trigger updates automatically when new software is available on Pivotal Network (including PAS, PKS, OpsManager, stemcells, products, and services)

Tasks use externalized configurations, which enable reusability to help manage multiple foundations

Can be used to update any supported infrastructure

Tasks are built to work with Concourse as the platform automation engine, which provides containerized execution and visible tracking of your pipelines

How-to guides, reference pipelines and extensive documentation to get you started


Pivotal Platform Automation consists of Concourse tasks: building blocks that perform small, defined actions for interacting with OpsManager. The Platform Automation tasks are:

  • Legible. Use human-readable YAML files that can be edited and managed.
  • Modular. Each task has defined inputs and outputs that perform granular actions.
  • Built for automation. Tasks are idempotent. Rerunning them in a continuous integration (CI) tool won't break builds.

Pivotal Platform Automation is distributed via Pivotal Network and fully supported by Pivotal. For detailed instructions on getting started and building your automation pipeline, see the documentation.


Example building blocks for installations and upgrades

Here’s an example of how Pivotal Platform Automation can help you turn a manual process into an automated pipeline built from modular tasks:

Process FlowManual StepsAutomated Tasks
1Create Ops Manager VMManually prepare IaaS and create Ops Manager VMcreate-vm
2Configure who can run opsManually configure internal UAA or external identity providerconfigure-authentication
3Configure BOSHManually configure BOSH Directorconfigure-director with settings saved from BOSH Director with same version
4Add productsClick Import a Product to upload file, then + to add tile to Installation Dashboardupload-and-stage-product
5Configure productsManually configure product tilesconfigure-product with settings saved from tiles with same version
6Deploy productsClick Apply Changesapply-changes
7UpgradeManually export existing Ops Manager settings, power off the VM, then create a new, updated Ops Manager VMexport-installation then upgrade-opsman



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