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Pivotal Container Service (PKS): Production-Grade Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a high-powered container orchestrator—but it can be hard to operationalize, especially in your on-prem data center. That’s where PKS™ comes in—the service gives you the power of Kubernetes, without the operational headaches.

PKS simplifies Day 2 operations for Kubernetes (K8s) with built-in HA, monitoring, automated health checks, and much more.

Use PKS to when you need to:

  • Run Spark and Elasticsearch
  • Access to infrastructure primitives
  • Expose multiple ports per container
  • Co-locate, or cluster, container instances

Open Source Kubernetes
PKS uses the latest OSS distribution of Kubernetes—there are no proprietary extensions.

On-Demand Provisioning
Deploy K8s clusters on-demand with BOSH, a powerful release engineering toolchain.

Breakthrough Operational Efficiency for Kubernetes
PKS simplifies Day 2 operations for K8s with built-in high availability (HA), monitoring, analytics, and automated health checks.

Network Management and Security Out-of-the-Box
PKS includes NSX-T network virtualization to programmatically manage software-based virtual networks on vSphere and VMC.

Easy Integration with VMware Tools
Integrate PKS with VMware tools like vRealize Operations Manager, vSAN network storage, and Wavefront for a full-featured on-prem deployment.

Includes Harbor, a Registry for docker Images
PKS comes with Harbor, an enterprise-class container registry server. Harbor extends open source docker with vulnerability scanning, identity management, and support for multiple registries.


Running PCF on VMware