Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Microsoft Azure


Running PCF on Azure

Companies are facing pressure to deliver services faster, on a larger scale, and at lower cost. Pivotal and Microsoft have teamed up to help enterprises make the move to becoming a “software defined business.” With Pivotal Cloud Foundry running on Microsoft Azure, developers and operators can deliver scalable, reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing demands of the business.

Deploy PCF with One-Click from the Azure Marketplace

Reference Architecture for PCF on Azure

Why Deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure?

Why run Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure?

  • Location. Deploy PCF in any Azure region, to ensure proximity to customers and users.
  • Differentiated Services. The service broker, authored by Microsoft, exposes Azure application services natively through PCF.
  • Deep Partnership. Pivotal and Microsoft have joint engineering teams working together, to ensure ongoing enhancements.
  • Integrated Support. Pivotal and Microsoft have integrated support teams, workflows, and ticketing systems to offer seamless support for enterprises using PCF on Azure.
  • Proven in Production. PCF on Azure is deployed in production with many enterprise accounts.

Running PCF on Microsoft Azure
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Driven by customer demand, Pivotal and Microsoft have delivered a fully self-service Pivotal Cloud Foundry in Azure to give customers the ability to run cloud-native Java and .NET applications on Microsoft’s global public cloud infrastructure.


PCF for Windows & .NET
Try PCF on Azure for Free

For a 90-day free evaluation of Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure, go to the Azure Marketplace. Use it to independently evaluate the platform and its capabilities, or contact us to pursue a proof of concept.


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Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Microsoft Azure.