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Java on Azure

Build and run Java microservices-based applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure

As the premier application framework for Java developers worldwide, Spring is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of modern Java enterprise applications.

Enterprise Java developers writing cloud-native applications on Azure can quickly build microservices-based applications with Spring Cloud and Spring Boot. With Spring Cloud, developers can build complex, resilient microservices reusing many of the common patterns for distributed, scalable services such as leader election, circuit breaker, and many more. Spring Boot further accelerates the development cycle by supporting an opinionated approach to Spring that emphasizes convention over configuration and streamlines getting started and rapid development cycle.

And since Pivotal Cloud Foundry offers first-class support for Spring, deploying and operating these applications has never been easier.

Cloud Foundry on Azure, Beyond BOSH and CPI - Kundana Palagiri, Ning Kuang, & Gil Isaacs, Microsoft

Introducing Cloud-Native Java with Microsoft Azure

You may think of Microsoft’s cloud as the place for .NET apps, not your JAR files. But, Microsoft Azure works with Java in many interesting and surprising ways.


Azure Webinar
Build your microservices on Java with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Join this webinar and learn how to build Java microservices with the Spring Boot framework and deploy them worldwide using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) on Azure.


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