Introducing Kubo: BOSH-Powered, Web-Scale Release Engineering for Kubernetes

A Uniform Way to Instantiate, Deploy, and Manage Highly Available Kubernetes clusters. On any cloud.

Kubo is a new open source project started by engineers from Pivotal, Google Cloud, and VMware. We brought the release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management qualities of BOSH to Kubernetes (K8s) clusters.

Kubernetes, Automated with Day 2 in Mind

With Kubo, lifecycle management for K8s is completely automated. Deployment, repairs, and upgrades are easy.

Use Familiar Tools for K8s Deployments

With Kubo, operators use BOSH to manage the infrastructure that underpins the containers running in K8s. This experience is the same as any other BOSH-deployed system.

Kubo is Multi-Cloud

Run Kubo in the public cloud or in your data center.


Container Orchestration

Kubo gives you the power of K8s, the popular container orchestrator. Use Kubo for your current and planned K8s investments.

Powered by BOSH

BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services. It’s been the cornerstone of Cloud Foundry since 2011, and now we’ve enabled BOSH to create and manage Kubernetes clusters.

High Availability is Built-in

BOSH provides HA for K8s masters and etcd within the K8s clusters.

Suitable for Common Enterprise Apps

Use Kubo for existing production apps written in specific languages, or when engineers need deep access to platform primitives.

Shared Tooling with Cloud Foundry

Realize operational efficiencies with joint Cloud Foundry and Kubo deployments, since both systems use BOSH. Operators can manage the infrastructure underneath cloud-native apps and containers the same way.

Open Source

Contributors Wanted! We’re excited about Kubo, and will continue to improve the project in conjunction with the broader Kubernetes community and the Cloud Foundry community. Join us!

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