CI/CD: Software That’s Always Ready for Production

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery use automation to ensure that new application code is always tested, secure and ready for deployment so teams can ship to production when the time is right.

CI/CD Resources

Ready to get started with CI/CD? Below are some great resources - including blog posts, conference videos and podcasts - to help you take the next steps in your cloud-native journey.

Speed Thrills: How to Harness the Power of CI/CD for Your Development Team
By Ben Kamysz and Jared Ruckle

To Speed Software Development, Use Build Pipelines. Then, Use Concourse Dashboards To Analyze Progress
By Brian McClain

Developing a Custom Concourse Resource
By Brian McClain

Operating PCF via Concourse; Or, How to Sleep More and Worry Less
Therese Stowell & Ryan Pei, Pivotal & Yuri Litvinovich, Scotiabank

Why Accelerating Development is A Team Sport
Dormain Drewitz, Jeff Kelly, Brian Roche

Platform Requirements for CI/CD Success—and the Enterprises Leading the Way Webinar
James Ma, Pivotal and Jay Lyman, 451 Research

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