Product Management

Our product managers embrace lean and agile practices. We work in small, cross-functional, and co-located teams. We collaborate directly and continuously with engineers and designers, and we release early and often. Working software — not slideware, prototypes or demos — is our measure of success.

A Typical Friday as an Agile Consultant

Grab a hot plate, some juice or coffee and hang out with fellow Pivots.

9:00 AM
Company Standup

Get a quick update on interesting events and a chance to ask others for help on a problem.

9:06 AM
Team Standup

Meet with your team to share what you worked on the day before, and what’s on tap for today.

9:15 AM
Define What's Next

You could be interviewing users, writing user stories, pairing with designers and developers or teaching agile practices to your client.

9:25 AM
12:30 PM
Ping Pong break!
3:48 PM
Weekly Team Retro

Every Friday, your team will meet over beer and wine to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and how to improve for next week.

5:00 PM
You're Done!

We don’t have overtime or weekend work. On Fridays, some Pivots meet for Whiskey Club.

6:00 PM
What Makes Pivotal An Inspiring Place to Work

We believe that the dynamics of teams are what build great software and having a culture that is kind, open and willing to do the right thing is inspiring.

"Pivotal is an inspiring place to work for me because of the thoughtfulness of the people. There's such a high bar for hiring people and bringing them in that everyone when they come here wants to make a difference."

Product Manager