We get to do it all—from research, concept, interaction design, user-testing, lean strategy, visual design, and development support. We listen and empathize with the users, share this knowledge, test a hypothesis, build prototypes, make it pretty, and support developers and the team. We’re constantly learning, and iterating on and improving our process.

A Typical Friday as a Product Designer

Grab a hot plate, some juice or coffee and hang out with fellow Pivots.

9:00 AM
Company Standup

Get a quick update on interesting events and a chance to ask others for help on a problem.

9:06 AM
Team Standup

Meet with your team to share what you worked on the day before, and what’s on tap for today.

9:15 AM
Start Designing

You could be leading user research, wireframing, designing visuals, coding a prototype or teaching it all to your client.

9:25 AM
12:30 PM
Ping Pong break!
3:48 PM
Weekly Team Retro

Every Friday, your team will meet over beer and wine to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and how to improve for next week.

5:00 PM
You're Done!

We don’t have overtime or weekend work. On Fridays, some Pivots meet for Whiskey Club.

6:00 PM
Our Mission and Culture

We have a big vision, we have great technology, and we have a culture that's not only about how our employees work, but it's a customer experience, too.

"My role as a designer is to gain empathy for the user, share this knowledge with the team, test a hypothesis, wire-frame workflows, build prototypes, make pretty and support developers and the team. Working at Pivotal is like receiving a degree in Agile and Lean methodologies."

Product Design