Customer Solutions

Making customers successful with our products and solutions and helping them successfully transform their business are among the most important things we do. Our cross-disciplinary Customer Solutions team includes technical account leaders, data scientists, agile specialists, solutions architects, educators on Pivotal technology, and business transformation specialists.

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A Typical Monday as a Data Trusted Technology Advisor

Grab a hot plate, some juice or coffee and hang out with fellow Pivots.

9:00 AM
Team Standup

Meet with your team to share what you worked on the day before, and what’s on tap for today.

9:15 AM
Data Review

Review Data Analytics Platform for a strategic customer.

9:30 AM
12:30 PM
Plan and Implement

Propose recommendations and plan to implement changes on Data Analytics Platform.

1:30 PM
Team Call

Gather with your team to Review Proposition for the customer.

4:15 PM
Product Release
5:00 PM
You're Done

Happy Hour!

6:00 PM
Pivotal For Good

The Pivotal for Good (P4G) program enables Pivotal data scientists to donate three months of time to collaborate with nonprofits that lack the skills or resources to perform data science functions.

"I work with my teammates to help companies solve their biggest challenges using data-driven approaches. My work varies from immersing myself in a new domain, data wrangling, building machine learning models, to presenting results and communicating the impact of the work to executives at a final meeting."

Data Scientist