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Principles & Practices

The pair is our fundamental work and decision-making unit and provides two sets of eyes on every line of code. Great ideas evolve from the pairing environment and you always have somebody to help solve a problem.

It’s not about us. User experiences are the bookends to pairing. We don’t make decisions based on titles or chains of command. We collaborate, test, and do the right thing.

We write software in the best way because we apply continuous integration. The pair tests, iterates, makes the call, and ships what works. You close a story, and move on.

We write software for humans and we walk the distance in the customer’s shoes. We respect others. We don’t blame. We build things, fix things, and we collaborate.

Diversity is about perspective—and being open to the idea that people of different backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life bring great value to organizations. Inherent to curiosity—the basis for great innovation—is the desire to work with people different than you. Read More

Challenge how things are done, build new worlds...and make it home for dinner too.

Together we can build something meaningful.

"To me Pivotal is such a welcoming environment where I’m allowed to present my ideas, and am given the space to try them out and learn! I also appreciate the fact that Pivotal works really hard to cultivate space for work life and personal life."
Chisa, Staff Technical Program Manager
"At Pivotal, I get to be part of the transformation that is happening with Cloud-Native applications. The best part of my day is when I'm interacting with customers and using the Pivotal technology stack to help them solve their business needs."
Tobias, Field Engineer
"My job has changed so much over the past 6 years - from designing mobile UI on early smartphone platforms to building a team of inspiring designers to growing our research-driven practice. I'm constantly learning! My day might include a scoping meeting with a potential client, working on a workshop plan for a Discovery & Framing, or matching designers to upcoming projects or rotations."
Leanne, UX Design
"I provide a high touch welcoming experience for all of our newest employees. In my role I have the ability to be incredibly creative and watch ideas really take shape. I think this is something particular to the culture here of continuous learning."
Elresa, New Hire Welcome Concierge
"I work with my teammates to help companies solve their biggest challenges using data-driven approaches. My work varies from immersing myself in a new domain, data wrangling, building machine learning models, to presenting results and communicating the impact of the work to executives at a final meeting."
Chris, Data Scientist
"I really enjoy pair programming because I learn something new every day. Having a pair means you always have someone to play ping pong with! I love our open culture and how communicating with others is so easy. When in doubt you can just walk up to anyone. Working on cool new technologies coupled with a bunch of great people is what makes life at Pivotal so enjoyable for me!"
Madhura, Software Engineer
"I work with a team full of smart, talented people who are trusted implicitly to self-organize to get things done. That autonomy and a focus on results means we can execute in ways that would never be possible in a traditional organization."
John, Advisory Platform Architect
"I support customer marketing and all the add-ons and extensions to Pivotal Cloud Foundry - a rapidly growing ecosystem of monitoring, security, data management, and other software integrations. I work closely with the field, customers, and my peers in product marketing and product management. The best part of my day is seeing customer testimonials about using our products."
Dormain, Product Marketing
"My role as a designer is to gain empathy for the user, share this knowledge with the team, test a hypothesis, wire-frame workflows, build prototypes, make pretty and support developers and the team. Working at Pivotal is like receiving a degree in Agile and Lean methodologies."
Aaron, Product Design
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We're headquartered in San Francisco, and we're bringing the magic of Silicon Valley and software transformation to companies anywhere on the planet. Pivotal is a place with strong values, great benefits and offices around the globe – and where your impact starts on day one.
Open, collaborative workspaces
Free catered breakfast daily and a fully stocked kitchen
Ping pong, pool tables & bicycles
Competitive retirement plans
Highly competitive compensation including equity in the company
If you're starting or growing a family, we offer maternity, paternity and adoption leave
Commuter benefits program
Generous tuition reimbursement program
Happy hours and frequent team events
Competitive medical benefits
Pet insurance program (where applicable)
Fitness reimbursement program

Equal Employment Opportunity

Pivotal is an equal opportunity employer. Pivotal and Pivotal’s executives are committed to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and to encouraging a diverse and inclusive work environment. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, developing and promoting employees without discrimination or harassment. As a global employer, this commitment includes complying with all laws in the countries in which we operate. But we believe equal employment practices should not be limited to what the law requires. Equal opportunity and inclusion are essential to Pivotal’s business.

Pivotal does not discriminate in any area of employment including compensation, benefits, hiring, promotions and terminations, company-sponsored training, education, tuition assistance, and social and recreational programs. We believe all employees should be treated with respect and employment actions should be based on job-related factors. Employment actions must not be based on race, color, religion, creed, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin or ancestry, genetics, age, disability status, protected veteran or service member status, citizenship status when otherwise legally able to work, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Anti-Retaliation and Affirmative Action Obligations as a U.S. Government Federal Contractor

As a U.S. federal government contractor, Pivotal is committed to meet its affirmative action obligations to make good faith efforts to expand the pool of qualified minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities to address areas of underutilization through outreach, recruitment, training opportunities and other activities. Our intentions and actions in this regard are a cornerstone of our affirmative action program. We work cooperatively with government agencies, educational institutions, and private organizations concerned with employment opportunities for women, minorities, disabled persons, and protected veterans. Pivotal’s affirmative action program is in accordance with federal requirements for government contractors. The People Compliance Team is responsible for maintaining affirmative action plans, an audit and reporting system, and related affirmative action activities. The full text of our affirmative action plans for females, minorities, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans will be available for inspection during normal business hours. Contact for more information.

Accessibility for Applicants with Disabilities

Pivotal is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities. If you need an accommodation at any stage of the employment application process, please send an email to including your name, a detailed description of your requested accommodation, and the best method to contact you. If you have already reviewed a job posting or submitted an application for a job, you must include the requisition number. We will assist you and make a determination on your accommodation request on a case-by-case basis. Pivotal will respond only to inquiries related to requests for accommodation by applicants with disabilities.