White Paper

Building Capital Markets Risk Applications

Methods for pricing and managing risk in capital markets have evolved significantly over the last two decades. Twenty years ago, trading was organized by product. Risk for each product could be priced and managed by one person using one system. It was relatively straightforward.

Today, the situation is much more complex. Big capital markets firms have numerous trading desks, each dealing with multiple products. There’s a rates desk, a commodities desk, a credit desk, etc., and each one trades many different products. On top of that, risk has become a lot more sophisticated. Today, capital markets measure and analyze many more variables and data points than in years past in many different ways, all in a never-ending attempt to gain a competitive edge.

Accurately pricing and managing risk in capital markets today requires a more sophisticated solution to provide a consistent view across trading desks and products. This white paper describes the technology, data and steps necessary to build a modern capital markets risk system using Pivotal GemFire.

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