How to Make Cars Smarter: A Step Towards Self-Driving Cars

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We are moving towards the reality of self-driving cars, but we are still years away from fully autonomous vehicles. In the meantime, however, there are a number of things we can do to make cars smarter in order to improve the lives of drivers. We can use data and analytics, for example, to prevent breakdowns and predict problems before they occur. Technology can also help cars achieve better performance in extreme situations like hydroplaning.

The reality is that data collected by car sensors is underused today.

In this webinar, we will examine:

  • How to detect patterns in massive amounts of connected car data
  • Use cases for connected car applications, such as predicting failure of parts and subsystems before they occur
  • How to apply analytics in real time to help drivers avoid dangerous situations
  • How to leverage independent data sources to increase predictive value

Deep Dive: In the second half of the webinar we will give an actual example of how we apply big data technology to this problem.


Kaushik Kunal Das
Head of Data Science, Pivotal

Kaushik Kunal Das is the Head of Data Science at Pivotal. His job is to formulate data science problems and solve them using the Pivotal Big Data Platform. He leads a team of highly accomplished data scientists working in energy, telecommunications, retail and digital media. Kaushik has an engineering background focused on solving mathematical problems requiring large data sets. He is interested in questions such as, "How much can a company know their customer and customize their actions in a context-sensitive fashion?" "How can our living and working environments get smarter and how can we get there?" Kaushik studied engineering at the Institute of Technology of the Banaras Hindu University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Esther Vasiete
Data Scientist, Pivotal

Esther Vasiete is a Data Scientist at Pivotal, where she works on data science labs with customers from different sectors. She received a Masters in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder, and collaborated with the HCI group within the computer science department to bring data science models to smartphones. Esther also has experience in image processing and computer vision via a collaboration at the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona.


Jeff Kelly
Data Evangelist, Pivotal

Jeff Kelly is a Data Evangelist and a member of the data product marketing team at Pivotal. Jeff spends his time researching and writing about trends in the data market—including the intersection of Big Data, cloud and application development—for the benefit of Pivotal’s customers and internal stakeholders. Prior to joining Pivotal, Jeff was the lead industry analyst covering Big Data analytics at Wikibon, an open source research and advisory firm. Before that, Jeff covered the data warehouse and business intelligence markets as a reporter and editor at TechTarget. He received his B.A. in American Studies from Providence College and his M.A. in journalism from Northeastern University.