Pivotal HDB SQL Engine and Hortonworks





Big data continues to grow prompting enterprises to rethink how they collect, store, process, and more importantly, analyze large volumes of data – from a variety of sources. Pivotal HDB provides a powerful, deep analytics capable query environment built around industry standard and widely accepted SQL. When paired with Hortonworks, you receive an advanced SQL analytics operating environment on top of a 100% open source data platform.


As companies increasingly adopt Hadoop as a platform for storing data from a variety of sources, the need for analytic capabilities also increases. With breakthrough performance, Pivotal HDB supports a rich SQL dialect, including complex query and join operations. Pivotal HDB also incorporates a cutting-edge, costbased SQL query optimizer (called Pivotal Query Optimizer), which features dynamic pipelining technology.

Certified on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Pivotal HDB enables data scientists and analysts to develop real-time insights from data using familiar SQL expertise, directly on Hadoop data. No data movement required.

HDP incorporates Hadoop, along with other open source ecosystem components such as Ambari system management, to provide a completely open, integrated, enterprise-class data platform. HDP augments existing applications and systems so that enterprises can take advantage of Hadoop. HDP is powered by Apache® YARN, which is the architectural center, data platform suited for multi-workload data processing across an array of processing methods. YARN also supports shared services for consistent operations, comprehensive security and trusted governance.

For enterprises that are investing and deploying HDP, Pivotal HDB provides full SQL compliance for complex analytic workloads. Current HDP customers can utilize Pivotal HDB as their SQL engine of choice to offload existing, and sometimes more costly data warehouse systems, and accelerate the move toward Hadoop.

What Business Challenges Are Solved?

Leverage Existing Skillsets
For enterprise environments moving to Hadoop but needing to leverage existing expertise, Pivotal HDB provides a familiar, fully ANSI SQL compliant analytics environment. Reinvestments in training can be avoided.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Pivotal embraces the ODPi, which provides an open source framework and a common Hadoop deployment model that can bring consistency to Hadoop implementations, while minimizing proprietary lock-in. Enterprises now have greater flexibility with big data architectures at a lower cost.

Integrated Management
With plug-in support for Ambari, Pivotal HDB appears like a Hadoop component inside of Ambari management services. Simplify provisioning and manageability through a single interface.

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